Report: Smart Speaker Adoption Rate Rises During Pandemic.

The adoption of smart speakers rose to 53% during the pandemic, showing significant growth since 2019. According to Park Associates latest Consumer Electronics Dashboard, smart speakers/displays and smart TVs (+56%) posted significant growth during the pandemic.

Park Associates says that purchase intentions were elevated at the beginning of the year for a variety of entertainment and productivity devices due to increased time spent at home. The firm says Q1 purchase intentions are often low due to seasonality as consumers’ holiday purchases can depress Q1 intentions. However, the pandemic grew consumers’ perceived value of connected entertainment devices, generating growth in future purchase intentions for all product categories related to connected home entertainment.

Additionally, the total average of connected consumer electronics (CE) devices owned per U.S. broadband household continues to rise. In the first quarter of 2021, the total average number is approaching 10 devices per broadband household.

“Consumer electronics device manufacturers are best served by product strategies accounting for consumers’ increased use of devices at home for work and streaming entertainment purposes,” Senior Analyst Paul Erickson said. “While mobility remains important, consumers now see renewed value in at-home work and lifestyle use cases.”

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