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FilmNation Relaunches ‘HyperThetical’ Podcast, This Time Without A Paywall.

The indie movie producer FilmNation Entertainment is relaunching its podcast HyperThetical and this time the series will be widely distributed, rather than subscribers only. FilmNation launched an audio division in 2022 and released the science fiction anthology series with Luminary, and now as it gets a fresh start, listeners will have new content beyond the original content such as interview episodes with more insights into the speculative scenarios explored in its stories.

HyperThetical, which FilmNation produces in association with Transmitter Media, is hosted by Kerry Bishé and is from the same team of producers that earlier created films such as “The Big Sick” and “Promising Young Woman.” In every episode, Bishé asks a “what if?” question about the future and explores it in two ways – through speculative science fiction, and through insight from the world’s most brilliant scientists. The result is a show featuring real facts and science, while it also ties together education and imagination.

“I’m so grateful to my partners at FilmNation for creating the HyperThetical podcast where we investigate all kinds of fascinating questions with the help of scientists and artists alike,” Bishé said in the announcement. “Combining these disciplines is a personal passion of mine and I couldn’t be more excited to share the results.”

As it gets wider distribution, FilmNation has inked a deal with Realm to handle advertising sales for the show.

“This was the first podcast FilmNation produced and remains one of our most ambitious, innovative projects,” said Alyssa Martino, Senior VP of Podcasting at FilmNation. “We’re delighted that Kerry and Realm were both on board to re-release the podcast, including new bonus episodes with eight brilliant scientists.”

The first two episodes of the re-released HyperThetical were dropped this week. Realm CEO Molly Barton calls it “an exciting addition to Realm network” that will fit nicely into the other shows they rep. “Many of Realm’s listeners are drawn to storytelling that span the boundary between reality and imagination,” she said.

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