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Wendy’s Biggest Gainer On Weekly Media Monitors Spot Count.

Fast-food giant Wendy’s saw a surge in its weekly spot count versus the previous week, climbing from No. 17 to No. 4 overall on the latest list of top radio advertisers from Media Monitors.

With a total of 39,733 spots, Wendy’s towered over its competitors in the Fast Casual-Quick Service Restaurants space, including McDonald’s (21,572), Dairy Queen (17,758), Taco Bell (13,231), Chick-fil-A (9,432) and Popeyes (7,779).

Insurance remained a robust category, led by Progressive, which was again No. 1 in the overall spot count with 59,647. That more than doubled the count of Allstate (25,712), its closest competitor in the category. They were followed by TermProvider (16,730), State Farm (13,049), SelectQuote (10,540), Ethos Technologies (6,700) and Direct General (6,643).

Wireless and Internet Service also remained active. Upside, which provides wireless and internet services, was up from No. 4 to No. 2 in overall spots with 48,122. In the dedicated wireless space, TracFone Wireless’ Straight Talk remained at No. 7 overall for the second straight week with 32,388 spots. Other wireless competitors include No. 19 Total By Verizon (22,582), No. 21 Boost Mobile (21,674), No. 42 Verizon Wireless (14,201) and No. 96 T-Mobile (6,068).

For the week of April 29 to May 5, 2024, the top ten on the Media Monitors radio advertiser list includes Progressive, Upside, ZipRecruiter, Wendy’s Babbel, Lowe’s, Straight Talk, Discover, The Home Depot and Febreze.

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