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Audacy Tackles Common Media Myths With New ‘Marketer’s Guide.’

As the menu of media options for advertisers continues to grow exponentially, Audacy has released its Marketer’s Guide to Audio, a slide deck with a mission of setting the facts straight when it comes to audio: where it stands versus TV and pureplays, who’s listening, and how to use audio most effectively.

“The ultimate goal for advertisers, large or small, is to get customers to like you, secure their loyalty, and ultimately claim a larger share of the consumer purchasing pie,” Audacy’s guide says. “Amid a seemingly endless buffet of advertising options, more and more advertisers are turning to audio for unparalleled reach with the most engaged audience. It’s a medium that resonates deeply, compelling listeners not only to listen, but also to act. That’s why savvy advertisers are embracing audio like never before.”

Among the media myths Audacy busts in its Marketer’s Guide: “All I need is TV,” “Apps have all the audience,” “Those youngsters don’t listen to audio,” and “I can’t measure audio.”

Citing a study from Dentsu, the guide notes that audio’s reach is 10% above live+time-shifted TV, 13% more than CTV viewership, and twice the attention of TV, and shows Audacy’s cross-platform reach of 200 million vs. Spotify’s 48.6 million and Pandora’s 41.2 million, according to Nielsen.

The guide also points to Nielsen Scarborough research showing that Gen Z consumes more radio than TV, and that according to Edison Research, 96% of them listen to audio daily. “In a world that’s increasingly dominated by mindless scrolling, radio and podcasts provide teens and young adults with a refreshing break from the noise of everyday life,” Audacy’s guide says.

As to measuring audio, the guide calls that “the biggest myth of them all. We provide brands with solid radio, digital audio, and podcast campaign attribution results all the time. We can show you the money, the web visits, and the foot traffic. With the right partners, and the continual advances in measurement, AI-driven optimization, and advanced audience targeting, getting a real grip on cross-device attribution and ROI is clearer than ever.”

Audacy’s guide not only debunks myths but also includes advice on planning audio campaigns, buying an audience to fit a brand’s needs, and maximizing ROI with cross-platform audio. “Marketers are discovering that mixing radio and digital audio produces the sweetest results,” it says. “Integrating radio with digital audio amplifies the impact of your advertising budget, ensuring each dollar stretches further to leave a lasting impression on every listener.”

The guide also includes sections on compelling creative, the power of personalities, and audio advertising case studies from Mazda, New Balance, Dunkin’, Instagram, and Quantum Fiber.

“Regardless of your brand’s size or industry, audio emerges as the ultimate advertising champs, with unparalleled reach, enviable ROI, and the transformative potential of total audio strategies,” Audacy’s guide says. “Media buying options are evolving, and from the irresistible allure of podcast hosts to the irrefutable power of ad-supported platforms, audio commands attention and delivers results with every campaign.”

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