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Xperi: AM/FM Radio Is The No. 1 Source For Music In The Car.

Ranked as “essential” to the driving experience, listening to music on AM/FM radio is the number one entertainment choice for car owners/leasers, according to a new DTS survey. Of those surveyed, 81% cite music as the most-listened type of audio consumed in a car.

AM/FM radio is also where most go for local news and information, which is the second most popular in-vehicle entertainment choice at 6%, based on a survey of 2,900 car owners and leasers conducted by DTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi. Podcasts (5%), talk radio (4%), sports (2%), and audiobooks (1%) round out the audio options listened to in a car.

The survey found that AM/FM radio is the most used feature in-vehicle, far outpacing satellite radio, and Apple CarPlay. Data shows that 72% of those surveyed use AM/FM radio, compared to 24% who listen to satellite radio, and 14% who use Apple CarPlay.

Meanwhile, 89% say music is essential to their driving experience and 70% of those get their music from AM/FM radio. Forty-six percent listen to music in vehicles via streaming music services, while 27% listen via satellite radio; 26% utilize their personal digital music collection and 22% use CDs.

Of those that seek local news, 87% find it on AM/FM radio, 29% on satellite radio, and 14% on a dedicated news app.

The information comes as consumers are holding onto their vehicles longer. Only 13% of those surveyed say they’re likely to give up their personal vehicles in the next few years.

“As the data makes clear, the importance of the personal vehicle to consumers is strong, music is what they are listening to while driving, and radio is where they source it,” a report on the study says.

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