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Which Advertisers Are On Podcasts And Where? Media Monitors Is Now Tracking That.

Media Monitors tracks spending on radio, television, newspapers and online media. Now it’s casting its sights on podcasting. The company says its new Podcast Monitoring Service will analyze all episodes of thousands of the most popular national podcasts downloaded across multiple markets. The information will give subscribers a snapshot of the growing podcast advertising segment.

“Podcast listeners are some of the most engaged consumers of audio entertainment and news. Advertisers know that, and the money increasingly poured into podcasting is the best proof,” said Media Monitors President/CEO Philippe Generali. “After months of research using artificial intelligence and data science, it is time for Media Monitors to shed a credible light on who the podcasting advertisers are,” he said in the announcement.

The new Podcast Monitoring Service will give users the ability to identify in a single report advertisers that are exclusive to podcasting and those buying across multiple media. Filters will allow comparisons across a range of datapoints for each genre, including ad placement within each episode, if the ads are dynamically inserted or are baked-in, and whether they are host read or prerecorded ads. Media Monitors says it will also be able to identify brands that have not yet made the jump to podcasts from radio, TV or other media – offering a list of potential clients to target. In addition to the thousands of monitored English-language podcasts, Media Monitors is also tracking the top Spanish-language podcasts.

Media Monitors has been expanding its podcast work during the past year. Since early 2020 it has been publishing a Quarterly Podcast Listener Survey that offers a ranking of the top podcasts, publishers and show genres.

The most recent Quarterly Podcast Listener Survey was released last month. It showed The Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily and Crime Junkie were the top three podcasts during second quarter 2021. The quarterly Media Monitors Podcast Listener survey shows, overall, iHeartMedia and NPR had the most shows in its ranking of the top 200 shows. It reports iHeart had 17 shows that made the cut, and NPR had 12. Comedy remained the most popular genre of podcasting in the latest report with 53 of the top 200 coming from that category, followed by Society & Culture with 35, and News with 33.

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