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What Influences Radio Buyers To Trust A Rep? The RAB And Borrell Have The Answer.

In the upcoming RAB-Borrell Benchmarking report, “Defy the Gravity of 2020: Radio’s Digital Sales Rise,” clients were asked: What influences radio buyers to trust a rep?

More than half of radio advertisers say knowledge of media products, marketing and a client’s industry instill trust in their sales rep.

This is one of the findings of the report that will be released in early February, followed by a live-video presentation of the data featuring Borrell Associates CEO Gordon Borrell on Feb. 10 at 12pm (CT).

“Research and experience have taught us that clients who trust the people they work with will be more open and honest and likely will spend more than clients who see their reps as simply transactional partners,” RAB Senior VP of Professional Development Jeff Schmidt said.

The ability to describe audience/capabilities of media products was the top choice for 30% of the clients asked. The overall knowledge about marketing and advertising was cited as a top choice by 23%, while 16% said knowledge of a client’s business was most important.

“The great news is that you are totally in control of your knowledge base. Books and classes on marketing, general business and advertising philosophy are all recommendations for a well-rounded learning strategy,” Schmidt continued. “RAB offers five certification courses that have been recognized for years as the gold standard of media seller knowledge validation.”

During the live-video presentation, Borrell will share insights into 2020 digital sales and opportunities for areas of growth for 2021. Registration information can be viewed HERE.

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