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WABC New York’s Sid Rosenberg Makes Big Screen Debut.

Mafia, murder and...morning man? Sid Rosenberg, host of “Sid & Friends in the Morning” on Red Apple Media talk WABC New York (770) will make his big screen movie debut with the release of independent crime thriller “Inside Man” today. Rosenberg plays the part of a bartender at a Brooklyn pub once frequented by members of the Gambino crime family. One website claims that between 100 and 200 people were secretly murdered and dismembered inside of the building.

Rosenberg plays Roy DeMeo’s cousin Joseph “Dracula” Guglielmo, and (producer) Danny A. Abeckaser plays the part of DeMeo. The film also features Emile Hirsch, Lucy Hale, Ashley Greene, and Bo Dietl.

Rosenberg tells Inside Radio that at first, he was nervous on the set. “Being in Los Angeles with big-name stars was new to me,” he said. “Once we started shooting, I was good to go. The hardest part was playing my character when I wasn’t reading my lines, keeping busy like a bartender ordinarily would. The camera is always running.”

This isn’t Rosenberg’s first foray into acting. He plays Dave Busco, a soldier in the Colezzo crime family in the Amazon Prime series “Gravesend.” He took a leave of absence from his radio show last March to film “Inside Man.”

“Being it was my first movie, I did not have a lot of lines to memorize,” Rosenberg says of the experience. “But memorizing lines isn’t hard for me. I can tell you who won the last 60 World Series… Danny also allowed me to improvise a bit and add my own line or two!”

Rosenberg says “Inside Man” is “the best mob movie in 20 years.”

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