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New Podcasts Debuts Slowed In April.

New podcast launches dipped to their lowest number in more than a year last month. Listen Notes says 11,397 new shows debuted in April. That compares with an average of nearly 18,000 launches each month during the first quarter. There is no shortage of content to listen to, however. So far this year, Listen Notes says 64,870 podcasts have debuted worldwide. And 8.9 million episodes have been published.

Listen Notes says there are at least 3,342,918 podcasts globally, although the number that many podcasters focus on is the tally of active shows. And that is much smaller. Listen Notes says it has seen activity in 505,346 shows so far this year. It also says it has counted 6,496 dead shows. Listen Notes considers a show to have died when the RSS feed is deleted, or its iTunes “completed” tag is marked “yes” by the publisher.

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