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Triton: iHeart Tops Webcast Rankings In May.

The song remained the same for Triton Digital’s webcast rankers during May with zero changes in the order of the top five and only one in the top 10. The month included the first holiday weekend of the summer, which typically disrupts regular listening habits and that caused some of the numbers to dip slightly from April.

Remaining at the top of the stack for the primetime, Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm daypart is iHeartMedia with 392,711 Average Active Sessions, about 1% less than the non-holiday month of April. It also had 169 million session starts in May.

NPR Member Stations held steady at No. 2 with about one-fourth the number of Average Active Sessions as iHeart (100,560), which was down 4% from NPR’s April total. Staying put in third place is Audacy in what was its second full month since rebranding from on March 30. Audacy's 86,904 Average Active Sessions in May marks a 3% month-over-month decline.

The Cumulus Streaming Network was solid at No.4 with 60,220 Average Active Sessions, virtually unchanged from April’s total of 60,420. Educational Media Foundation kept its fifth place position in May with 35,696 Average Active Sessions, a 14% increase compared to April. It continues a growth trend Inside Radio first reported in January, as the religious broadcaster has put more focus on its digital audience.

Notable gainers outside the top five include Univision, which saw a 36% month-to-month increase in Average Active Sessions to 28,096. The Univision numbers were likely slightly smaller than they were in reality, however, as Triton says there were “data collection issues for a portion of this reporting period which impacted their data in this Ranker.”

Beasley Broadcasting (steady at No. 7) also saw a month-over-month surge to 27,390 Average Active Sessions for a 41% increase compared to April.And Hubbard Broadcasting (holding at No. 8) shot up 43% to 20,936 Average Active Sessions. Also gaining ground was pureplay webcaster AccuRadio, which rose 40% to 15,705 Average Active Sessions while maintaining its No. 9 rank.Salem Communications was the only top 10 webcaster to move up a notch, landing in tenth place in May, from No. 11 in April.Salem had 13,736 Average Active Sessions, up 37% from the previous month.

The iHeartMedia Network, which includes all iHeartMedia-owned streams and the streams related to network affiliations, was the only sales network reported by Triton. It says the iHeart network had 1,107,052 Average Active Sessions during May and more than 414 million Session Starts during the primetime Mon-Fri, 6am-8pm daypart.

Download Triton Digital’s complete monthly report HERE.

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