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The Daily Wire Is Staffing Up Its $100 Million Expansion Into Kid’s Programming.

Conservatives have long complained about what they believed were progressives’ efforts to “indoctrinate” children with liberal views. Now in a kind of if you can’t beat them, join them moment, The Daily Wire is moving forward with launching its kids division. The right-leaning media company has hired Hollywood veteran Chris Sonnenburg to oversee a team of writers and animators that will create some of the content.

“When we say we're making kids content parents can trust, we're not joking around,” said Ben Shapiro, a cofounder of The Daily Wire and host of its biggest podcast, in a Twitter post.

The kid content appears to be focused on animation and not audio to start. Deadline reports two animators have already been hired to work under Sonnenburg, who previously was the showrunner for the Disney series “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure.”

The Daily Wire has also hired David ‘Kentucky’ Coleman, who most recently was Executive VP of Kids Content at Pure Imagination Studios.

“Our expansion into film and entertainment—particularly kids’ entertainment—is one of our most important initiatives,” Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing told Deadline. “David and Chris bring a level of experience and expertise that is essential to our success in this space. We could not be more thrilled to have them on board and are confident they will play a critical role in taking our entertainment offerings to the next level.”

The Daily Wire announced in March that it was looking to expand its reach into children’s programming as part of a larger effort to develop films and other entertainment. Executives said their decision was in part based on criticism from the Walt Disney Company to a new anti-gay law in Florida. The conservative media company says it plans to invest at least $100 million during the next three years to develop children’s programming for its streaming platform.

The Daily Wire said the kid-targeted content will be available to Daily Wire subscribers starting next spring.

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