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Streaming’s Share Of All AM /FM Radio Listening Rises To 12%.

At the end of 2019, 92% of AM/FM listening by those in the U.S. age 13+ was done over the air, versus eight percent to the online streams of AM/FM stations. What a difference three years and a global pandemic can make. According to the third-quarter 2022 findings from Edison Research's ongoing “Share of Ear” study, 12% of listening to broadcast radio in the U.S. now takes place online while 88% is done using a traditional AM/FM receiver.

The streaming share jumped three percentage points from 8% to 11% in 2020, stayed there in 2021, before inching up to 12% this year.

Streaming captures a larger share of AM/FM listening among persons 25-54. In 2022, 17% of AM/FM listening by the Money Demo is done to the streams. That's up from 11% in both Q3 2019 and 2020, and more than double its 8% share from both Q3 2016 and 2017.

Men are driving the growth in streaming. Nearly one-fourth (23%) of Men 25-54's listening to AM/FM radio occurred via streaming in Q3 2022, up from 18% a year ago, and steadily up from Q3 2017's 8%. For women 25-54, meantime, streaming has remained basically flat at 10%, where it was four years ago.

Among 13–24-year-olds streaming’s share is 13% and 7% for those age 55+.

“We are finally firmly in double digits with the percent of AM/FM consumption done to radio station streams on an overall basis, but probably still lower than one would expect given digital audio devices,” Edison says in its Weekly Insights. “We will continue watching Share of Ear trends to see how AM/FM listening tracks with over-the-air versus streams.”

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