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Rich Eisen Creates Podcast Network Under Expanded Cumulus Media Deal.

Syndicated talk radio host Rich Eisen, who hosts The Rich Eisen Show on the Cumulus Podcast Network, is expanding his three-year old relationship with Cumulus Media. As part of the new arrangement, Cumulus will distribute and sell advertising for shows that are part of the newly formed Rich Eisen Podcast Network.

“Since joining the Cumulus family, they have shown unwavering support for my vision in growing my brand,” said Eisen in a statement. “As I have expanded my suite of services, they were the only ones I wanted to do business with, and I couldn’t think of a better place for my voice and productions to be heard over the coming years.”

To support his growing podcast network, Eisen built an expanded studio and team in El Segundo, CA with state-of-the-art recording equipment and set design.

The first show under the Rich Eisen Podcast Network banner is What The Football, a new sports podcast hosted by broadcaster Suzy Shuster alongside the first female CEO in the NFL, Amy Trask. Cumulus says the show gives listeners an exclusive look into the world of NFL football, while the two hosts also share their personal insights from the weekend's gridiron action. It is set to debut Sept. 12 and drop new episodes weekly on Tuesdays throughout the NFL Season.

Eisen also launched a new video show last week for his network called Overreaction Monday. It expands a popular segment on the flagship “The Rich Eisen Show” into its own weekly podcast. Each week, Eisen and cohost Chris Brockman reflect on the biggest fan- and hysterical media-driven overreactions from the previous weekend’s professional and college football games.

In addition to his podcast network, since 2021 Eisen has hosted the pregame and halftime shows for Westwood One’s syndicated Monday Night Football coverage. His midday radio show can also be heard on 62 affiliates nationwide. And Eisen can be seen Sunday mornings throughout the NFL season hosting the NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Morning.”

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