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ReVolver Podcasts Jumps Into Music Content Creating Live Shows For Amazon’s Amp.

Music is one of the driving forces behind podcast adoption among Latinos. Edison Research’s most recent Latino Podcast Listener Report found 13% of people were attracted to the medium based on content created by an artist they like. That was just two points behind the number that started listening to podcasts because a radio personality they liked had a show. Now the Hispanic-targeted reVolver Podcasts is leaning into the music opportunity. It is launching a series of shows on Amp. That is the Amazon Music app that that allows users to create “radio shows,” where they can take calls and play back songs from the streaming service’s music library.

ReVolver Podcasts will create a series of shows geared toward Spanish-speaking audiences in the U.S.

One of the first shows features longtime radio host Eddie "Piolin" Sotelo and DJ Sequencer. Called El DJ Show, the weekly two-hour show will feature Piolin and DJ Sequencer playing music while also debating and discussing current topics and new music releases, and interviewing artists. While Piolin is well-known to U.S. radio listeners, DJ Sequencer has produced remixes for Latin artists and has also hosted a radio show in Mexico.

Another show is called Blalala, a series hosted by Mexican morning radio and television personality Paola Sasso. Blalala is described as a fast-paced, fun, and lighthearted music-centric show featuring new, cutting-edge guest artists each episode to spotlight the latest music launches, entertainment news, and trends. Sasso is known for her down-to-earth interviews that bring out the authentic personality behind artists’ public personas. She has worked with some of the top names in music throughout the years including Arcangel, Natti Natasha, Piso 21, TINI, Carlos Rivera, Rauw Alenajdro, Jhay Cortez and Carlos Vives.

Blalala will air every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm ET and El DJ Show will air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm ET. The shows will air live on Amp for 24 hours and then will then become a “live-to-podcast” model as an on-demand reVolver podcast. They will also help promote some of reVolver’s podcasts including the on-demand version of Piolin’s radio show.

Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts, calls Amp a “game changer” for reVolver and its young and diverse audience.

“We're so excited to provide fans with new, innovative ways to experience our content, and for hosts and fans to engage in real time," Hobbs says. “We have started to see some incredible uptick in downloads, so we're excited to see the success of this new distribution path for audio with Amp. It provides talents and opportunity for further outreach with their fan base.”

Edison’s Latino Podcast Listener Report offers some guidance of what sorts of music could best appeal to podcast listeners. Nearly half (48%) of existing listeners say they are fans of hip-hop and rap and 41% say they like Latin pop, 30% like Bachata, 28% like Reggaeton, 23% like Banda, 22% say they like Salsa, 20% like Cumbia, and 18% like Latin rock, 16% like Merengue, 14% like Ranchera, and 12% like Tejano.

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