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Radio Still Works Best For Connecting Brands With Business Owners.

With seven in 10 business owners listening to AM/FM radio, according to spring 2022 data from MRI-Simmons, advertisers clearly need to make radio a priority in reaching this much-desired target. That comes from Katz Radio Group's recent analysis of this research to show the importance of this segment and the importance of using radio to connect with them.

“As the B2B vertical continues to grow for radio, it is evident that advertisers are becoming more confident in radio's ability to deliver ideal business targets,” Katz's report says, citing MRI-Simmons' data showing that 72% of business owners – defined as owners/partners, presidents, CEOs and general managers – listen to AM/FM, and 74% to audio streaming services which include services that stream AM/FM content. Other audio sources used by business owners include podcasts (32%) and SiriusXM (22%).

“As 59% of business owner households subscribe to audio streaming services, a good portion of that listening is likely to be commercial-free,” the report says. “Therefore, AM/FM radio remains the best way for brands to connect with business owners, as it dominates audio ad opportunities.”

Additional MRI-Simmons data shows that business owners are more likely than the average American to listen to radio at work both on weekdays (+66%) and weekends (+96%), and four in five (81%) are listening in their cars. Katz's analysis also finds owners listening across all radio formats. “From News/Talk/Sports to every music format, business owners are tuned in,” its report says.

Also noteworthy for advertisers: nearly one in three (30%) of business owners say that radio ads provide them with useful information about new products and services, with a similar-sized slice (34%) feeling that radio is a good source of learning. Overall, says Katz, “Radio acts as a jack of all trades for business owners. It is a source of entertainment, information, and escape – improving their mood, relaxing them, and making them think.”

Katz's analysis notes that Millennials, accounting for 36% of business owners, are ahead of both GenXers and Baby Boomers, representing another plus for advertisers eager to reach this upscale younger segment. It should also be noted that three-quarters of owners are running businesses with less than 100 employees, and that overall, these business cover a wide span of categories including industrial, construction, medical, personal, retail, and agricultural services.

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