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Radio Shows Strong Growth During Continued Economic Recovery.

During the second quarter of 2021, ad spending on radio has displayed powerful year-over-year increases including a 127% jump in May, as reported in MediaPost. The level of growth in ad spend has been rivaled only by out-of-home advertising, up 107% during the same period.

The rate of the ad recovery continues to vary across media, with major electronic media, especially digital, showing the best gains. Print media, meanwhile, has not been entirely sluggish, with newspaper ad spending showing its first month of growth in June, up 60%year-over-year.

Overall, the U.S. ad economy continues its post-pandemic recovery. Total ad spending from Standard Media Index's data representing the major agency holding companies' actual media buys was up 39% from June of last year to this. But the rate of expansion has softened from April and May, with 55% and 58% increases, respectively, given the 2020 baseline, as April and May were the two worst months of declines during 2020's ad recession.

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