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Radio and Audio Streaming Can Make Moms’ Busy Days More Enjoyable.

Although more Americans are returning to the workplace and a normal slate of entertainment, events and travel, mothers’ busy days continue unabated, but radio and audio streaming is making those days more enjoyable. Insights from Edison Research this year reinforce this trend as it found mothers are listening to 24 more minutes of AM/FM radio than last year.

Plus, Edison also found more than 60% of surveyed mothers said they are listening with others and they are often with children riding in the “mom taxi.”

A close look at the data from five representative 2021 consumer/markets surveys conducted by The Media Audit, a research service providing both syndicated and proprietary studies in more than 80 local markets across the US, reveals the age of children with which mothers are more likely to listen to radio.

The table below indicates women 18+ with children at home 13 to 17 years of age over-indexed the most, on average, for heavy exposure to radio (180+ minutes during an average day) or 138. It follows these moms are listening to their teens’ favorite station/music as they are being ferried to and from school and to their various activities throughout the week.

“Our data shows women 18+ also over-indexed, on average, for heavy exposure to radio with children at home younger than six at 114 and 6 to 12 years of age at 122,” said Pete Forester, Northeast Market Manager, The Media Audit. “Advertisers should be aware that as mothers are driving more often with their children throughout the day and listening to radio, they are more likely during those trips [to make] stops for a myriad of household products and services, including children’s apparel, sporting goods and dental and pediatric care.”

Mothers, being mostly Millennials and Gen Xers, are also active audio streaming listeners. The Media Audit’s five representative surveys show women 18+ who are heavily exposed to audio streaming (180+ minutes during an average day) over-indexed for having children at home younger than six at 121. These mothers are likely the youngest and, therefore, the prime age for audio streaming. Even older mothers or those with children at home 13 to 17 years of age also over-indexed for heavy exposure to audio streaming at an average of 108.

The second table offers another interesting comparison of women 18+ with children at home of any age and their indices for listening to seven selected audio streaming services during the past seven days.

Americans are on the road again, especially mothers, making them a valuable and captive audience for radio and audio streaming advertisers.

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