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Proving There’s An Audience For Latina Content, LWC Studios Show Hits Two Million Downloads.

LWC Studios says its weekly interview series Latina to Latina has reached the two million download milestone. Since its launch in 2018, the Alicia Menendez-hosted podcast has released nearly 250 episodes of conversations with guests in the arts, politics, business and technology fields. “I remember when we celebrated a thousand downloads,” Menendez said. “At the time, one million downloads seemed like an impossibility. Then we hit one million and I wondered if we could keep growing at the same rate. Instead, the pace quickened. We have no formal marketing budget, but what we do have are loyal listeners who are evangelists for the show. This success is theirs.”

Latina to Latina covers topics including Latinas growing their companies and careers, balancing their family life and self-care, to persevering in systems built to keep them out, all while paving the way for those who will follow them.

“Latina to Latina is such a valuable space for us to celebrate our messy triumphs, work through our questions of identity and community--and dream big,” said producer Paulina Velasco.

LWC Studios CEO Juleyka Lantigua calls the series a “celebration of our audience” more than anything else.

“They have been with us since episode one, and have loved Latina to Latina enough to share it with people they love,” Lantigua said. “ Alicia and I are so very proud of our work and of the team that has made it possible, but we are the proudest of the women who have embraced Latina to Latina for what we always meant it to be – a talisman that helps you discover your own power and beauty."

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