Premiere Networks Developing Podcast On Life Of Rush Limbaugh.

On the one-month anniversary of the death of conservative talk radio groundbreaker Rush Limbaugh, Premiere Networks told Inside Radio it will continue to provide the voice of Limbaugh for the long term. Meanwhile, plans are being developed for a podcast focused on the life of Limbaugh, with details shared at a later date.

“We are commemorating Rush Limbaugh every day by sharing his words of wisdom with millions of listeners across the country,” a statement from the network said.

After the death of Limbaugh on Feb. 17 from stage 4 lung cancer, Premiere said, “Rush’s voice will continue to be heard, providing comfort and continued insight to his legions of loyal fans.” The transitional programming will continue “until his audience is prepared to say good-bye,” Premiere said then without disclosing its long-term plans for the noon-3pm daypart.

Limbaugh’s audio has been extensively archived and catalogued by subject, topic and opinion, which allows show producers to pull segments that are relevant to the day’s news cycle, the result of which has been well-received by the audience, Premiere says.

“Those loyal listeners have been supportive of the current programming, and Premiere Networks will continue to provide the voice of Rush Limbaugh for the long term,” the statement continued. “We have a variety of familiar voices guiding the audio of Rush for all of the important issues of the day, including recent guest hosts Todd Herman, Ken Matthews and Brett Winterble.”

The podcast series is a new development. “In the near future, when we feel the time is right, Premiere will release a podcast series focused on the life of Rush Limbaugh,” the network says.

Fox News Media’s streaming service Fox Nation recently began a four-part documentary about the life and career of Limbaugh, voiced by former Vice President Mike Pence, a former radio talk show host himself. “Age of Rush” debuted March 10 and recounts Limbaugh’s career in four parts “The Spoken Word,” “Revolution,” “Rise of the New Right” and “A Blessed Life.”

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