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Podcast Ad-Tracker Magellan AI Now Tracks Ad Performance In Streaming Campaigns.

Podcast ad tracker Magellan AI is turning its platform loose on digital audio. The company says it will expand beyond podcasts and begin offering ad performance of streaming audio campaigns. The move marks a major expansion of its business into what remains a larger segment of digital audio advertising.

“We see our advertising clients increasingly moving into multi-channel audio advertising,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI. “With more ways to buy and sell audio than ever before, we’re continuing to grow our platform so you can measure your audio media in one place.”

That expansion means that users will now see in the Magellan AI dashboard impressions delivery by channel. The move is welcomed by some of its users.

"Today, podcasts are required components in effective advertising buys but historically have been difficult to measure alongside streaming audio in a meaningful, consolidated way,” said David Krulewich, Executive VP of Programmatic, Podcasting, Product & Data at Katz Digital. “Magellan AI has simplified and streamlined the measurement process so we can quickly look at our client’s entire campaign set up and conveniently optimize to secure the desired results and outcomes for each campaigns’ needs."

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