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Podbean Hosts January “Launch Month” For Podcasters.

Following a year that saw the fewest new show launches since 2018, the hosting company Podbean has announced a series of virtual events for the coming weeks to help creators debut new shows and offer ideas for existing producers to grow and solidify what has already launched. It says the events, ranging from beginner-friendly introductions to in-depth explorations of podcast production, are designed to cater to a diverse audience, from aspiring podcasters to seasoned professionals.

The first in the event series will take place on Thursday (Jan. 11) and it is tailored for newcomers to podcasting, by providing them with a solid grounding in the basics of podcast creation and development. The second event is designed for podcasters either beginning or more experienced, offering production techniques and insights into content enhancement, helping them refine their podcast quality and engagement. And the third event zeroes in on monetization and growth strategies, providing practical advice for podcasters aiming to broaden their audience and increase their revenue streams. 

"Whether it's providing tips for beginners or diving into the intricacies of podcast monetization and growth, these events are a testament to our ethos of continual learning and community support," Podbean CEO David Xu says. "At Podbean, we believe in the transformative power of podcasting as a medium, and we are committed to helping podcasters turn their passion into success.”

The events will be live-streamed on YouTube and LinkedIn. They are free, but registration is required. Get tickets for the events HERE.

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