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Parcast Founder And Former Spotify Talk Content Head Max Cutler Launches Pave Studios.

Parcast Studios founder Max Cutler has launched a new media company that will not only return him to the audio business but also go beyond it. Pave Studios will also work in video, books and entertainment with what it says is a mission to empower creators and foster connections, paving the way for a new era in media. 

The launch of Pave Studios comes a year after Cutler exited Spotify amid a series of management changes at the streamer. He joined the company in 2019 when it acquired Parcast, and most recently was Head of Talk Creator Content and Partnerships, where he oversaw Spotify’s exclusive licensed podcast deals with partners including Alex Cooper, Brené Brown, and Emma Chamberlain, among others..

As he returns to his entrepreneurial roots, Cutler’s Pave Studios says it will be dedicated to building a unique ecosystem of genre-specific brands aimed at amplifying discoverability and super-serving audiences. The media company will initially launch two new studios – OpenMind focused on Wellness, and Crime House focused on True Crime – with plans to introduce additional brands. Each will produce original audio, as well as video, books, live experiences, merchandise and other brand extensions.

"In today's media landscape, the convergence of formats is reshaping the way we consume content,” Cutler said in the announcement. “Storytellers who successfully engage audiences and create fandoms through written, audio, and video content have led the charge in cultivating their robust communities into diverse businesses. Pave Studios will set the stage for a better way of producing, distributing and consuming the world’s greatest original content, all while empowering creators, simplifying content discovery, and fostering vibrant fan communities.” 

Pave Studios already collaborates with numerous creators to develop original content. They include author Nicole Lapin, the founder of Money News Network and host of the daily Money Rehab podcast. Doctor Mark Hyman is also working with Cutler. Hyman is the host of The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast. Australian self-help podcast Jemma Sbeg, creator of The Psychology of Your 20s series, is also working with Pave Studios, as are reality TV personality Ally Lewber and celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly. Pave says other alliances are in the works.

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