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Numerator: Memorial Day Shoppers Still In The Mood To Spend.

A survey by Numerator says the Memorial Day weekend could see slightly higher spending than the 2023 edition.

A survey of more than 5,500 consumers from the market research firm finds that 68% of holiday shoppers plan to spend under $100 on holiday supplies, while 23% plan to spend more than they did last year.

The survey also found that in terms of what people are planning to buy, food (83%) tops the list. It’s followed by alcoholic beverages (44%), non-alcoholic beverages (33%), decorations (17%), party supplies (14%), candy (9%) and games or activities (9%). Overall, 57% of consumers plan to celebrate the long weekend, and 95% of them plan to buy something.

Beer is still the No. 1 alcoholic beverage for the Memorial Day weekend. Among those who plan to buy alcohol, the research finds, beer (76%) leads the pack, trailed by wine (42%), spirits or spirit-based drinks (36%), and hard seltzers or canned cocktails (35%).

Members of Gen Z are more than twice as likely to opt for hard seltzers or canned cocktails (88% vs. 35%), while Boomers+ are the most likely to choose wine (51% vs. 42%).

The most popular shopping destinations include grocery stores (65%), big box stores (47%), liquor stores (24%), discount or dollar stores (18%) and local shops/small businesses (14%).

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