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New York’s ‘Hot 97’ Launches Two Podcasts Focused On Black Women.

MediaCo rhythmic CHR “Hot 97” WQHT New York is launching "Savageland" and "2 Chicks With An Attitude," two new podcasts which are described as “raw, unfiltered, and tackle the topics that Black women are thinking about but sometimes don't dare to discuss out loud.”

Partnering with Atlanta-based WOE Podcast Network, "Savageland" and "2 Chicks With An Attitude" will launch on March 1 and March 3, respectively.

"As we build out our podcast offerings, it's important to amplify new and unique voices,” MediaCo CEO Rahsan-Rahsan Lindsay said in a release. “Partnering with WOE allows us to feature talent with whom we might not otherwise work. We are excited to see them shine."

Both podcasts are hosted by Black women and aim to capture the pulse of what Black women want to talk about. “Savageland” is hosted by Crystal Wilson and will explore subjects related to dating. “2 Chicks With An Attitude” hosts Bre and Kiara will tackle subjects like sexual freedom, dating younger vs. older men, and women’s rights issues.

"We are excited to partner with MediaCo, a company with legendary brands like Hot 97 and WBLS, to launch this new podcast media endeavor. Rahsan-Rahsan and the team have been nothing short of amazing," WOE Podcast Network Founder and Executive Producer Erik Gordon remarked. "This content will offer listeners a new way to experience culture and it will broaden our reach. Through this ongoing partnership with MediaCo, we're empowering Black creators and leveling inequity in the industry. This is only the beginning."

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