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New Study Shows Podcast Effectiveness Translates To Other Parts Of The World.

The latest evidence of podcast advertising effectiveness comes by way of India, where Triton Digital has just conducted a study of how well the medium drives brand and product recall.

Among the study’s findings are –

  • Podcast listeners are willing to listen to ads. In fact, of the respondents who have reported ever hearing a podcast ad, 42% had no issues with hearing ads in the middle of podcasts that are free.

  • Advertisements often lead to purchases. Eighty percent of listeners who have heard of a product are interested in learning more about it, with 29% claiming to have bought the product they heard advertised.

  • Podcast ads grab attention. Forty percent of listeners state that ads in between podcasts “always” or “often” capture their attention, with 40% of these listeners saying they trust podcast advertisements.

“As a rapidly growing medium in India, podcasts continue to gain significant attention in the Indian market,” said Aditya Summanwar, Triton Digital’s Director of Market Development. “Our study further demonstrates a high brand recall in the region and willingness to receive additional advertisements, setting the medium up for a long future of success.”

Triton Digital teamed up with the digital consumer behavior intelligence platform VTION Digital Analytics to conduct the study. According to the study, on average, audio content consumers in India listen to podcasts three to four times per week. In metro cities the rate is even greater, with 70% of respondents listening to podcasts weekly and 30% listening daily.

“Podcasts are clearly becoming a popular medium in India. It is great to see listeners respond positively to podcast advertisements as well,” said VTION CEO Manoj Dawane.

The findings are based on a survey conducted August 1 to 7 among 354 VTION panelists who defined themselves as podcast listeners. The findings are being presented at Radiodays Asia, September 6 and 7 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Download the full report HERE.

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