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New Season Of ‘Chameleon’ Examines What It Says Are Health Horrors Of Popular Diet.

Since the early 2000s, the Alkaline Diet became a widely popular diet in America. It has even receiving support from Hollywood. as believers in the diet claimed to reverse aging and cure terminal illness. But in a new investigation for the podcast Chameleon titled “Doctor Miracle,” journalist Larrison Campbell calls into question the real impact of the regimen.

The series’ creators say the season features real stories of cancer patients who participated in the diet in hope of a cure, but suffered a worse fate instead. Listeners will be exposed to what they describe as the “gripping horrors” behind Dr. Young’s Alkaline Diet and the Miracle Ranch, his retreat space for patients undergoing his treatment.

“Doctor Miracle is coming at a time when parts of the Alkaline Diet, like alkaline water, have never been more popular. But no one seems to realize that it's all based on a lie," Campbell said. “Robert Young sold the alkaline diet to the masses by promising it could cure everything--cancer, diabetes, even hair loss. It's a lie that would lead to tragic circumstances. This season of Chameleon exposes the true horrors behind the fad diet and how Dr. Young’s creation continues to affect our diet culture today.”

Campbell previously created and hosted the Devil in the Ditch podcast. 

Chameleon: Doctor Miracle is produced by Sony Music Entertainment and Campside Media. Vanessa Grigoriadis serves as Executive Producer at Campside Media and Shoshi Shumulvitz is the Managing Producer/Editor. Lily Houston Smith is the show’s Producer. Jonathan Hirsch and Catherine St. Louis are Executive Producers at Sony Music Entertainment.

As usual with Sony podcasts, subscribers of its “The Binge” can access the entire season all at once. The series will also be distributed with episodes dropping weekly on most major podcast apps.

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