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New Podcast Social Platform Looks To Improve Relationships Between Podcasters And Listeners.

Some podcast apps are toying with the idea of adding comments to help make shows more interactive between listeners and hosts. Until now, most podcasters have had to rely on traditional social media to connect with fans. Now there is a new podcast-specific social platform called Poditude that is designed to enhance relationships among podcasters and their audience members through exclusive content touchpoints and quantified engagement feedback.

Poditude allows listeners to follow their favorite podcasts, live stream, rate and review episodes, and engage with exclusive value-added publisher content such as surveys, cross-promotions, and conversations. 

For podcasters, the website gives access to tools designed to engage audience members in relationships extending beyond listening to and reviewing episodes, including pre-populated posts on Poditude for each episode in a podcast’s RSS feed. Producers will also have access to tools for creating Poditude exclusive text, audio, or video posts to audience members, and tools for asking and analyzing quantifiable questions as complements to existing episodes, which Poditude says offers a path to gain audience insight or even for new episode ideas.

“The podcast industry needs a dedicated space for content creators to connect with and better understand their audience members without the clutter inherent to broad-based social platforms or the limitations of distribution-based audience connections,” said Poditude founder and CEO John Scanlon. “The days of begging audience members to complete a survey are over with the launch of Poditude,” he says in the announcement.

Poditude will be triggered when the first listener begins to follow a podcast. That is when podcasters will receive login credentials at the email address recorded in their RSS feeds. Once those credentials are claimed podcasters can authorize additional users to manage a podcast on Poditude’s website. Podcasters can also initiate this process by signing up and following their own podcasts. 

“Poditude was built to bridge a gap in the existing podcast ecosystem that limits growth and profitability by inhibiting direct communications and measurable engagement with audience members.” Scanlon says. “This is a call to action for all growth focused podcasters to redirect existing efforts at engaging audiences beyond the RSS feed to a platform that is built for this specific purpose. Tell your audiences to follow you on Poditude, ask them a follow up question about your latest episode or season, and see what additional insight is generated to make your business grow.” 

Owned by the software company HorizonIQ, Poditude was founded last year and is based in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina.

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