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NAB Show Will Again Feature The NAB Diversity Symposium.

The third annual NAB Diversity Symposium will take place at the NAB Show, April 16-17 in Las Vegas. Designed to help broadcast organizations develop corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies and embrace diversity in media and the workplace, this year's symposium will focus on inclusion.

"The NAB has pledged to ensure that broadcast and media companies can reach their employment requirements and build a workforce that mirrors our surrounding communities," NAB Chief Diversity Officer Michelle Duke said in a release. "During this symposium, we provide our members with the tools, knowledge, and resources to help them discover top-notch talent and enable employees to propel their careers forward. Overall, these sessions further NAB's critical mission of opening opportunities, fostering inclusive workplaces, and assisting the broadcast industry in meeting future challenges head-on."

Sessions that will be held as part of the Symposium include:

· "Creating an Inclusive Environment That Will Attract and Retain Diverse Talent," which will discuss policies, procedures, practices, and other change management tools intended to lead to a welcoming and engaging workplace for all employees.

· "Building Better Media Businesses With D&I," which will bring together senior leaders from the media industry to discuss how diversity and inclusion is a core enabler of growth and value creation.

· "Diverse Workforce Planning and the Future of Leadership in Broadcast," where broadcasters will learn various approaches to plan and develop a diverse workforce pipeline at different levels in their organization.

· "Understanding the Value of Military Veteran Inclusion in Media and the Workplace," which is programmed in partnership with Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

The symposium will conclude with a panel discussion titled "Why Creating an Inclusive Environment for Persons with Disabilities Is Critical to the Success of Your Business Strategy," which will discuss the importance of inclusivity in content distribution and provide practical guidance and details on where to go for further information on authentically hiring for inclusion.

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