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Movie Chain Regal Inks Deal To Back Film-Focused Podcasts On Evergreen.

Evergreen Podcasts’ movie-focused podcasts Sleepover Cinema and Next Best Picture may be in store for some on-screen promotion to theatergoers as part of a collaboration with Regal, which operates a 429-movie theater chain. Regal will receive ad inventory on the two shows that cover the latest in the world of cinema.

"There are so many ways that movies and podcasts can work together to ignite the passion and fandom of movie lovers across America," said Kelly Hawkins, VP of Loyalty at Regal. "Our goal is to continue to build on our community of loyal movie lovers by connecting movie memories to moments that reach beyond the big screen to enhance their experiences.”

The ads will promote Regal Unlimited to movie buffs that tune into Sleepover Cinema and Next Best Picture. In a joint announcement, the two companies say the alliance offers an avenue for entertainment enthusiasts to deepen their engagement with their favorite films as well as upcoming releases.

"Regal's reputation in the film industry aligns seamlessly with Evergreen Podcasts' focus on delivering high-quality, engaging entertainment," said Luke Gibbons, Business Development Manager at Evergreen Podcasts. "This partnership provides powerful synergy between our two companies where Regal's customer-focused Unlimited program meets the boundless storytelling of Evergreen Podcasts,” he said in the release.

On Sleepover Cinema, sister filmmaking duo Hannah and Audrey Leach, also known as Too Pink Productions, analyze the films that created the collective unconscious of the girls and gays of the late 90s and early 2000s.

The Next Best Picture podcast reviews the latest film releases and discusses various topics within the world of film and the awards race. It is produced by

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