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McDonald’s Inks Multiyear Podcast Ad Deal With Pod Digital Media.

McDonald’s has long been a big supporter of urban radio, and that commitment is now extending to podcasting. Pod Digital Media, the multicultural podcast rep firm, has struck a groundbreaking advertising partnership with McDonald’s. The move comes as the fast-food giant looks to follow through on its commitment that by 2024 its franchise owners will more than double their marketing spending with media companies, production houses and content creators that are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Women and LGBTQ-owned.

“Partners like Pod Digital Media make it possible for McDonald’s to authentically connect with our customers,” said McDonald’s Michael Joiner, who leads the company’s diversity marketing efforts. “Diverse-owned media provide opportunities for our fans to see and hear stories told for and by their community, making McDonald’s a place where you can enjoy your favorite meal while feeling seen, heard and respected,” he said in the announcement.

McDonald’s will look to podcasts to connect with Gen Z listeners and its core 35- to 49-year-old audience. Pod Digital Media said it will support McDonald’s efforts by creating custom segments and content featuring McDonald’s offerings in addition to specialized pre-roll, mid-roll advertisements across Pod Digital Media’s network of more than 400 podcasts, reaching primarily Black and Hispanic audience segments. Its lineup also includes shows targeting Asian-American, Gen Z, and esports listeners.

“My first job as a teenager was working in McDonald's as a drive-thru cashier and to now work with the brand to amplify Black and other voices is a dream come true," said Gary Coichy, CEO and head of partnerships at Pod Digital Media. "We are thrilled to partner with McDonald’s especially in light of the company’s commitment to accelerate advertising investment in diverse-owned media companies that reflect its diverse customers, crew members, and communities."

New York-based Pod Digital Media last year moved beyond just selling advertising for podcasts when it launched its own listening app. It allows users to browse hundreds of shows across the platform hosted by Black, Latino, Asian, and other podcasters of color in more than a dozen genres including sports, health and wellness, and news. It said the PDM app was part of its mission to promote and drive revenue for multicultural podcasts and connect them to blue-chip advertisers and more listeners.

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