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Matt Walsh’s Podcast Is Again The Fastest Growing Among Conservatives, Analysis Shows.

The DailyWire’s The Matt Walsh Show was the fastest-growing conservative podcast during the fourth quarter based on an analysis from TheRighting. It is a repeat win for Walsh, who topped the ranking during the third quarter. According to an analysis of Castbox data, TheRighting says Walsh’s daily show had a 50% jump in subscribers between the end of 2022 and the end of 2023. 

“While The Matt Walsh Show is enjoying hockey stick year-over-year growth, his quarter-to-quarter increases are slowing dramatically, and I anticipate that we’ll see much softer growth by the middle of 2024,” said Howard Polskin, President of TheRighting. “But Mr. Walsh will still remain a force and a strong voice in right wing podcasting.” 

The gains have brought Walsh’s podcast into the top ten, although it still has plenty of catching up to do with Daily Wire sibling The Ben Shapiro Show. It has roughly ten-times as many subscribers as Walsh’s podcast. And Shapiro is still growing. His top-ranked show saw its subscribers climb 11% during the fourth quarter. The other big mover during the past year has been The Megyn Kelly Show, which saw its subscribers grow by nearly a third. 

The story among conservative podcasts heading into an election year was their continued growth. Among the top 20, only The Rubin Report saw its subscribers number decline year-to-year, albeit by just one percent. And The Laura Ingraham Show and Rush Limbaugh - Timeless Wisdom were flat year to year.

TheRighting’s report is based on data that is updated daily from the podcast app Castbox, which according to the podcast-hosting platform Buzzsprout, represents less than two percent of all podcasts that Buzzsprout serves. While it only offers a small slice of the podcast market overall, TheRighting says it provides a snapshot of the market for conservative podcast voices. It also points out that no other leading podcast app,, besides Castbox makes its data available.

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