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Majority Of Weekly Podcast Listeners Tapping Into Video Option, Edison Data Shows.

Video continues to take root in the podcast habits of many Americans. The latest Edison Research data shows 79% of weekly podcast listeners aged 13 and older have consumed a video podcast during the first quarter. The total includes both those who watched a show or listened to the content via a video streaming service such as YouTube. 

Edison Podcast Metrics data shows 72% of listeners surveyed said they have actively consumed a video podcast – meaning they listened to the audio while watching the video. That compares to 62% who have consumed video podcasts passively, with the video content playing in the background while listening to the audio.

Videos can add an extra layer of engagement, allowing users to connect with hosts on a more personal level and enhance the overall podcast experience,” Edison says in a blog post. “Podcasts with video elements also allow creators to repurpose content into short, engaging clips tailor-made for social media platforms – think YouTube shorts, TikTok, or reels on Instagram or Facebook. This strategy can work to enhance a show’s digital presence, while amplifying the reach and engagement of podcasts overall.”

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