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Macy’s Moves Up To Highest Spot Count Rank In Two Years.

Macy’s has long been radio’s largest department store advertiser based on spot volume. Now it climbs to its highest position on Media Monitors’ weekly spot count tally in nearly two years. Further ratcheting up its “Give Love. Give Style” Mother’s Day campaign, the retailer advances 8-4 with 42,196 spots during the week of May 1-7, for a 50% increase over the prior week when it ran 28,111 commercials. That mark’s Macy’s highest chart ranking since the week of June 28-July 4, 2021.

Meanwhile, home improvement giants The Home Depot and Lowe’s increase their weight above even last week’s lofty levels. With Americans planting, mulching, and sprucing up their outdoor living spaces, The Home Depot boosted its weekly radio campaign to 41,252 spots from 39,153 spots one week earlier, holding steady at No. 6. Ditto for category rival Lowe’s which boosted its radio allocation to 35,568 spots from 26,933.

Heading in the opposite direction is Upside. After falling 1-7 the week before, it slid 7-9 in the latest tally with 33,617 commercial detections.

The insurance category places four advertisers in radio’s top 50: Progressive at No. 2, State Farm at No. 18, SelectQuote at 33, and TermProvider at No. 47. However, two of its biggest players are MIA on radio in the latest week. GEICO hasn’t appeared on the top 100 weekly radio advertisers so far this year. And Allstate has been missing since August 2022. This occurs as consumers are shopping for the best auto insurance deals and churning through carriers.

Further down the list, what is believed to be the first AI-produced podcast aired just under 6,700 radio spots to boost awareness and downloads for the three-year old show. “Daily Dad Jokes” sources its jokes from the Dad Jokes subreddit on Reddit. The daily podcast is then created and produced into a podcast using Klassic Studios’ proprietary Auto Podcast Technology. It says the AI-powered system produces new content every day, including jokes generated by algorithms that adapt and evolve over time. The host of the Daily Dad Jokes series also exists only in a virtual sense. Bob Jeffey, the podcast's AI-generated host, is the creation of Graeme Klass, the founder of Klassic Studios and a 30-year technology industry veteran who has been coding since he was 16.

For the week of May 1-7, 2023, the top ten on the Media Monitors tally are iHeartRadio at 1, Progressive at 2, Babbel at 3, Macy’s at 4, Indeed at 5, The Home Depot at 6, ZipRecruiter at 7, Lowe’s at 8, Upside at 9, and Swiffer at 10.

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