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Luminary’s ‘Til This Day’ To Air Three-Episode Show With Podcaster And Comedian Bob Saget.

Comedian Bob Saget, who hosted his own podcast, Bob Saget's Here For You, until his death in January, was a frequent guest on other people’s podcasts and radio shows. One of his final interviews will get a lengthy airing across three episodes of Luminary’s Til This Day podcast with host Radio Rahim.

“It’s surreal and humbling to have had the opportunity to sit down with Bob in the months before his tragic and sudden passing,” said Rahim. “With the family’s permission, we think it’s important to share his brilliant, moving, and honest words with the world.”

Saget died Jan. 9 after hitting his head on something inside his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. He was 65.

“I found out how much love that I had given to receive so much love from people,” said Saget in one exchange featured about a surprise party actor John Stamos threw for Saget on his 60th birthday. Rahim interviewed Saget in May 2021. Luminary says the episodes will feature Saget discussing show business, family, friends, life and love.

“We at Luminary treat this conversation with great responsibility and the deepest respect for Bob’s family and friends” said Luminary CEO Rishi Malhotra. “We are grateful and honored to present this truly special interview with the beloved Bob Saget that reminds all of us to love our family and friends in abundance at all times. Bob’s conversation with Radio Rahim is a deeply personal and open exchange that is the hallmark of Rahim’s interviews on his new show.”

Rahim, who also hosts a popular YouTube channel SecondsOut, is known for his work as a boxing journalist. On his Til This Day podcast, Rahim interviews what Lumianry says are one of the greatest thinkers, fighters and entertainers of our time, where they explore the experiences and emotional journeys that reveal the fight in each of them. Every week, a new guest interview from Til This Day will go live on Luminary, featuring episodes, or “chapters,” which will roll out over three consecutive days.

The first chapter of the Saget interview will be available on both Luminary and on YouTube, with the second and third chapters available only on the subscription Luminary app.

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