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Libsyn Announces Partnership with YouTube To Deliver Real-Time Metrics For Podcasts.

With surveys showing more podcasters are producing video content, Libsyn is making it easier for shows that use its hosting platform to manage and track consumption on YouTube. It has struck a deal with the Google-owned service to access real-time data. With the link, Lisbyn says podcasters, as well as brands and advertisers, will have streamlined access to insights on podcast downloads from YouTube.

In addition to bringing IAB-compliant data into the AdvertiseCast marketplace, Libsyn has made improvements to the workflow for publishing podcasts to YouTube. And IAB-complaint stats for YouTube will also be available to podcasters hosting on the Libsyn platform that have not yet chosen to monetize through the AdvertiseCast marketplace.

Libsyn was the first hosting company to support publishing podcasts to YouTube last year and Anthony Savelli, Senior VP of Sales for Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast, says the latest integration furthers its commitment to “the multi-channel approach” and will provide better transparency to brands and advertisers about where fans of a show are accessing the content.

“Podcasters are increasingly uploading their shows to YouTube as both a distribution and marketing channel and AdvertiseCast is continuing to offer richer data and insights on campaign performance for brand partners,” he said in the announcement.

YouTube has more than two billion active users worldwide and the research shows many are already turning to podcasters for something to watch. Savelli points out YouTube has grown into one of the most popular podcast listening platforms in the U.S. and usage share has steadily grown from 14% in 2019 to 24.2% in 2022. A Signal Hill Insights study found that nearly six in ten (57%) listeners say they prefer podcasts with video.

It is for that reason that Libsyn says publishing in multiple formats like audio and video and using a multi-channel podcast and YouTube strategy helps podcasters expand their reach and build their community while increasing monetization opportunities. The multi-format and multi-channel approach is also opening a number of opportunities for advertisers to reach highly engaged and diverse audiences, it says.

Libsyn expects to make more YouTube-related announcements in the coming months designed to help podcasters improve and expand reach and assist advertisers with improved transparency into the value of podcasting.

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