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Lee Abrams: Time To Tap Into Rock N’ Roll Thinking In Media.

It’s not just about music, it’s about a culture of creating, monetizing and winning. When done right, it collides art with commerce to a tour de force of innovation and excitement — even a traditional product can elevate itself with rock n’ roll thinking.

Embracing the digital future means understanding that information is very much the new rock n’ roll. While rock & roll music as a cultural driver is 70 years old and its magic behind us and replaced by new sounds, there’s still much to learn from its social impact and effect on spirit and culture that can be adapted to today’s media cultures. Rock n’ roll was more than just music, it was an attitude, a force, and a cultural beacon. Today, civilian talk is not about the music, but about the insatiable wealth of information that’s accessible through our devices.

In the 2020s, our culture is powered by media and information. We live in a new time driven by the limitless span of information and data delivered by ever-evolving technology. However, we can still adopt the timeless mindset of rock n’ roll thinking, regardless of the media platform or psychographic we focus on. It’s an attitude that is cross-generational and timeless. It’s an M.O that bends culture This includes:

1. Eclectic: Embracing original cleverness, even if it seems “out there” at first.

2. Innovation: Innovation is in the DNA. Comes naturally.

3. Attitude: Character — a vibe that magnifies and makes the brand bigger than life.

4. Swagger: Project a sense of confidence that viewers/listeners can sense.

5. Newness: Strive to be the first to explore, pioneer and execute new ideas.

6. Mass Appeal: Span demographic and lifestyle boundaries.

7. Creates Fans: Focus on generating fans, not just users.

8. Competitive: Soldier for success, even in a complex environment. Cut through.

9. Artful: Stimulate imaginations and explore creative possibilities though creative/art.

10. Instinctive: Rely on your own unique thinking, not just yesterday’s information or the opinions of “experts.”

11. Original: Live to be inspired by others, but always have your own trademarks.

12. Rebellious: Embrace a bold and confident attitude, not for the creatively meek.

13. Non-Elitist: accessible, free from arrogance.

14. Business Acumen: Balance creativity with a strong understanding of the business side.

By embodying these characteristics, even if you never liked or recall rock n’ roll, you can tap into the power of rock n’ roll thinking and thrive in the digital age with new attitudes, ideas and the vision to carry them out.

Lee Abrams is widely recognized as the architect of the album rock format and helped launch XM Satellite radio as its chief programmer.

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