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In Milestone, Majority Of Latinos Now Say They’ve Given Podcasting A Try.

Edison Research says a majority (56%) of U.S. Latinos aged 18 and older now report having ever listened to a podcast. That is a 24% increase from one year ago when 45% of Latinos said they had ever listened to one.

The data point is a preview released by Edison to promote next month’s release of its Latino Podcast Listener Report 2021. It will mark a second year for the research which debuted last year and showed a large gap in awareness of the term podcasting between non-Spanish-speaking Latinos and the Spanish-dominant group, of which less than half said last year that they were familiar with the term. The forthcoming 2021 analysis will show whether that gap has closed.

The Latino Podcast Listener Report, touted as the only comprehensive research on Latino podcast listeners in the United States, was conducted by Edison Research and commissioned this year by Adonde Media, Lantigua Williams & Co., Libsyn, PRX, Simplecast, Sonoro and SXM Media.

Edison will release its findings during a pair of webinars July 13 in both English and Spanish. Register HERE.

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