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In-Car Listening Has Returned To Early-2020 Levels In CDMs.

In-car radio listening's steady comeback since the pandemic's first days has turned another corner.

According to Radio Research Consortium's just-released analysis of Nielsen quarterly data for the combined 44 Continuous Diary Measurement (CDM) markets, in-car's share of listening in the December 2021 report (covering Oct-Dec) made a significant move from September's (Jul-Sep) 41.9% to 43.6%, passing where it stood in the March 2020 (Jan-Mar) combined CDMs before taking a COVID-driven hit in June 2020 (Apr-Jun), falling to 33.1%.

While listening at home continues a steady decline, at 38.0% for December 2021, it remains more than a percentage point above its March 2020 share of 36.8%. At-work listening, meanwhile, still has a ways to go to reach its pre-pandemic level of 17.7%, as it slips to 16.2% for December.

Total cume persons for CDM markets has also reached its highest level since COVID's onset, hitting the 31.0 million mark in December, up 2% from September and surpassing March 2020's 30.9 million. Total AQH (Persons Using Radio) gains 1% vs. September to 3.59 million, at 96% of March 2020's level (3.72 million).

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