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iHeart Teams With Collab To Develop Slate Of Kid-Focused Podcasts.

One of the takeaways from last week’s Podcast Movement Evolutions conference was that kid- and family-focused content remains one of podcasting’s biggest untapped segments. To help fill its roster, iHeartMedia has announced it is teaming up with Collab Inc to launch a new podcast studio focused on family-friendly shows. The Curativity studio will focus on what the two companies say will be “creator-centric shows” with Collab’s top talent who will debut a new slate of family shows.

The Curativity kids lineup will kick off with three shows featuring popular kids collab talent Mr. Jim, including a new weekly series Spyology Squad, which is set to launch April 4. In addition, the widely-loved kids’ programs, Kids Animal Stories and Kids Short Stories, which have a combined total of more than a million monthly downloads, will join the Curativity slate.

“iHeartMedia is thrilled to team up with Collab to launch Curativity, LLC and bring this new entertaining and educational slate of podcasts to the iHeartPodcast Network,” said Will Pearson, Chief Operating Officer for the iHeartPodcast Network. “We’ve seen how popular ‘Kids Animal Stories’ and ‘Kids Short Stories’ are with young listeners, and are excited to offer them a new series from the beloved Mr. Jim that tackles science with a fun, adventurous twist.”

The upcoming weekly series, Spyology Squad, will follow Jayden, Ava and Mr. Jim as they work to stop Dr. Stinkybreath and his Purple Ninjas from taking over the world through science. With three episodes launching each week, kids can tune in to learn all about a new subject in science while saving the world together. The show will feature popular elementary school science topics like gravity, the digestive system and more.

“This kids slate is an exciting addition to the world of family-fun entertainment and podcasting,” said Eric Jacks, Chief Strategy Officer of Collab Inc. “Spyology Squad is a new kind of show that features an all-star cast to fully immerse young listeners into the world of ninjas, spies, and science – making any subject matter easy and fun to learn.”

All shows on the new slate are distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network and will be available on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.

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