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Here’s Why Auto Insurance Brands Are Among Radio’s Top Advertisers.

A Veritonic analysis of a radio campaign for an auto insurer helps explain why several of radio’s largest national advertisers are insurance companies. To boost brand health metrics in some key markets, the brand worked with Katz Radio Group on a mix of pre-produced and personality-voiced spots to help drive awareness and consideration among listeners.

To gauge radio's effectiveness, Katz partnered with Veritonic to conduct a Pre-Post analysis of the campaign. The study found that the auto insurance provider's radio investment hit the mark on both objectives. The brand gained an incremental 8% lift in awareness and 5% lift in consideration in the post-wave of fieldwork.

The client wanted to get a handle on the value of using on-air hosts in local markets so the study also looked at the campaign’s performance by listeners likely exposed to those personality-voiced spots. “After the campaign, listeners to stations featuring personality-voiced spots saw larger increases in key metrics compared to non-listeners of those stations,” Katz says in a post on its “Sound Answers” blog. “Personality-voiced spots were able to break through and resonate with listeners, leading to higher levels of awareness and consideration.”

The auto insurer’s goal was to boost brand health metrics, and they succeeded by using both pre-recorded spots and local on-air influencers to achieve it, Katz says. Happy with the outcomes, the unidentified brand continues to invest in radio.

The insurance industry is one of radio’s most consistent ad categories, frequently placing numerous brands in the upper reaches of the medium’s top advertisers.

For the week of July 26-Aug. 1, a total of nine insurance carriers ranked among radio’s top 100 advertisers including Progressive at No. 4 with 47,989 spot detections, GEICO at No. 9 with 33,868 spots and Allstate at No. 17 with 24,434. Also on the current Media Monitors tally are State Farm (No. 26), USAA Insurance (No. 42), The General (No. 50), PMC Protect My Car (No. 95) and TermProvider (No. 97).

The insurance category is also one of the most proficient users of sonic branding, producing three of the top performers in Veritonic’s annual ranking of the brands with the best sonic branding.

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