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Here’s What’s New In Podcasts This Week.

Forget ho-ho, this week’s holiday season lineup of shows is filled with whodunnits with a number of new True Crime shows to pick from. Also this week, a Hollywood actress chooses a podcast to tell her memoir while another actress leads candid conversations about life, love and loss over a meal. And NBA legend Carmelo Anthony and comedian The Kid Mero team up for a new podcast. Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting.

Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting— 

Radical is a new true crime series from Tenderfoot TV, Campside Media, and iHeartPodcasts. The show follows the tale of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly H. Rap Brown, a Black Power activist and honorary officer in the Black Panther party, who is caught up in a murder case that echoes through history and into today. After a deadly firefight in March 2000, Al-Amin flees to rural Alabama, triggering a manhunt, and a trial amid post 9/11 anti-Muslim fervor. He is sentenced to life in prison. While he suffers in solitary confinement, Al-Amin’s influence grows among Muslim inmates, all while his family uncovers evidence challenging his conviction. By 2020, a glimmer of hope emerges as a “conviction integrity unit” begins to reexamine the case. This odyssey spans the Jim Crow South, the Civil Rights Movement, the War on Drugs, and post 9/11 America, unraveling a story that transcends a murder trial to explore the impact on a community of Black Muslims in the South. The eight-episode Radical is simultaneously a true crime story, a reinvestigation of FBI-misconduct, a biography, and a philosophical and spiritual exploration New episodes are released on Tuesdays. 

The Greatest True Crime Stories Ever Told is a new podcast from Diversion Audio and iHeartPodcasts. It is hosted by true crime writer Mary Kay McBrayer, who will walk the audience through the most riveting true crime stories ever told. Not only are these stories deeply researched, but many episodes often include interviews with authors and experts on the cases. 

The true crime genre too often takes gleeful fascination in crimes against women. Diversion has identified stories in which women are not the victim, but instead are our protagonists. These women can be the perpetrators, such as the murderers or scammers, but may also be the heroes of the story, such as the lawyer, detective, scientist, or family of the victim who never stopped fighting for answers.

Murder in Boston Podcast is a new series from The Boston Globe and HBO Documentary Films. Hosted by The Boston Globe columnist Adrian Walker, featuring a team of Pulitzer-winning reporters, the podcast brings a fresh perspective on the narrative surrounding the murder of Carol Stuart in 1989, investigating the heightened racial tensions that were inflamed by the reactions from both the public and the police. The series serves as a companion podcast to the new HBO Original series “Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage & Reckoning.”

Let’s Be Clear is a new audio memoir series from iHeartPodcasts featuring actress Shannen Doherty, known for her iconic role as Brenda Walsh in the hit series "Beverly Hills, 90210.” Let’s Be Clear promises to be a raw and candid exploration of Shannen’s personal journey covering everything from her TV and film credits to her stage four cancer battle, friendships, divorces and more. The podcast will also provide a platform for Shannen to share her life experience, the strength that carried her through difficult times, and her hopes and dreams for the future. As Shannen says, “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it’s about how you get back up.”

Rachel Goes Rogue is a new series from iHeartPodcasts. Reality television personality Rachel Leviss hosts the podcast, on which she will explore a spectrum of topics, mastering self-empowerment and navigating life’s challenges with grace and authenticity. She will passionately cultivate candid conversations, breaking the fourth wall in reality TV and by discussing living her entire dating life on camera. Opening up about her mental health breakdown and intensive treatment on the podcast, Leviss will aspire to inspire, bring awareness to mental health issues and challenge the stigma surrounding treatment. will also welcome prominent guests spanning the realms of entertainment, pop culture, mental health and self-help. Rachel Goes Rogue will be executive produced by iHeartPodcasts and Bethenny Frankel and the “Just B” Podcast Network 

The Global Story is a new podcast from the BBC World Service and BBC Studios join forces to launch The Global Story, a new daily in-depth news podcast for audiences around the world. Hosted by BBC correspondent and editor Katya Adler, each episode will focus on one story and will draw upon the BBC’s best global journalists and expertise from all over the world with a fresh sound and a smart take on the biggest stories of our time. From Beijing to Boston, Baghdad to Bangalore, our unrivalled reach will take you beyond the headlines on a journey of understanding and exploration. The Global Story builds on the huge success of the Global News Podcast from the BBC World Service, which is the BBC’s most popular international news podcast. Each episode will be around 25 minutes long.

George Bailey Was Never Born is a new show from iHeartPodcasts. The one-of-a-kind podcast experience that takes a definitive look at one of the most popular movies of all time: “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The show shares the story of Americans’ decades-long love affair with this pop culture institution and how it may offer a light down the path we walk today. Narrated by a familiar angel, he takes listeners back and forth between the part of the multiverse where the events of “Wonderful Life” really happened and our own, one where George Bailey was never born. New episodes drop Tuesday. 

7PM in Brooklyn is a new sports and culture podcast from Wave Sports + Entertainment. It is hosted by NBA legend Carmelo Anthony and multi-talented comedian and host, The Kid Mero. They offer a fresh take on the biggest stories in basketball, revisit iconic and forgotten moments from Melo’s time in the league, and tap into the latest happenings in sports and culture alongside high-profile guests from the worlds of sports, music, and entertainment. Carmelo will also serve as an executive producer on the show under his Creative 7 Productions banner with co-founder Asani Swann.

“7PM in Brooklyn is not just a sports show; it's an immersive journey that dives into the heart of the game and the rich culture that surrounds it,” said Anthony. “As co-host and executive producer, I'm looking forward to bringing a unique blend of storytelling to fans, merging our passion for sports and culture with our commitment to creating intentional, purpose-driven content.”

New episodes are released Thursdays.

Afterlives: The Layleen Polanco Story is a new series from iHeartPodcasts. The LGBTQ+ show honors trans people and the stories that have reshaped our world, led by the celebration of Layleen Xtravaganza Cubilette-Polanco’s life. Known to light up a room, Layleen was an Afro-Latina trans woman in New York City who was sentenced to the city’s notorious jail complex on Rikers Island and died there in 2019 at the young age of 27. Host Raquel Willis celebrates Layleen’s vibrant life through memories from her family of origin and the community she discovered in New York’s famed ballroom scene, while also unpacking the systems that failed Layleen leading up to her death through in-depth interviews with activists fighting against the criminalization of sex work, solitary confinement and the epidemic of anti-trans violence. New episodes are released each Monday.

Comfort Food is a new podcast from Wheelhouse DNA and Acast. It hosted by TV host, media personality and entrepreneur Kelly Rizzo who will lead candid conversations about life, love and loss, that all take place over comfort food. In 2022, host Rizzo’s husband, the legendary comedian Bob Saget, passed away suddenly. Rizzo has publicly shared over the last year that the three main “ingredients” helping her deal with this devastating loss have been good food, laughter, and connecting with loved ones over memories. In Comfort Food, one special guest each episode joins Rizzo to discuss their journeys with grief and life’s hardships, while enjoying and savoring the food that helped them get through it. It is Rizzo’s hope that these honest, warm and relatable conversations will leave listeners inspired by the resilience of those who have experienced significant adversity. Comfort Food is produced by Wheelhouse DNA for Acast, with Fanny Baudry, Cassie Berman and Leah Sutherland serving as executive producers for DNA. Rizzo also serves as executive producer. 

Talking to Death is a new show from Tenderfoot TV and iHeartPodcasts. Airing on Wednesdays Tenderfoot cofounder Payne Lindsey hosts his first “true crime” talk show, which may or may not actually be about true crime.

Searching for Heroes is a new podcast from Fox News Audio. Hosted by correspondent Benjamin Hall, the podcast will highlight inspiring stories of community and compassion, while providing a voice to America’s unsung heroes. The first episode will feature a look back at the catastrophic injuries Hall sustained while covering the war in Ukraine in March 2022, and the extraordinary efforts that aided his road to recovery. Since the attack, Hall has been inspired by the incredible efforts of everyday heroes similar to those who went above and beyond to help him throughout his arduous journey of recovery.

Mortal Sin is a new podcast from NBC News’ Dateline NBC. Hosted by correspondent Josh Mankiewicz, the series investigates how the death of a pastor’s wife after a house fire uncovers a web of sex, murder, and deception. Mortal Sin marks Dateline’s 15th original podcast.

Two Jersey Js is a new series from iHeartPodcasts. The show features “Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast members and best friends Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler. The podcast is a spinoff of iHeart’s Two Ts In A Pod with hosts Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp. The announcement was made at BravoCon. Two Jersey Js will feature Goldschneider and Fessler, providing listeners with a relatable twist on the reality of being a real housewife and what it’s like to be a real housewife and navigating life on and off the screen. Two Jersey Js is executive produced by Chris Harrison, Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge.

Immediately Kinfolk is a new podcast from Podbean. Created and hosted by Grammy nominated writer-producer, rapper and actor Kia Shine and co-hosted by music producer, DeRone Payne, Immediately Kinfolk showcases artists, athletes, comedians, producers, businesses and creatives from all over the world. Immediately Kinfolk features interviews, live performances, music reviews and provides listeners with a behind-the-scenes look at the most current topics, trends and talent in the music industry. Episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays.

Close Friends Only is a new podcast from Instagram featuring musicians Doja Cat and Ice Spice for their first-ever sit down together to talk memes, fashion and beauty trends, and DMs. The two dynamic music icons and close friends take a break from Doja's much anticipated tour as they dive deep into Instagram trends and what inspires them, serve up their craziest memes, share their most unfiltered thoughts, and play some rapid-fire games. The podcast is executive produced by Sun-ny Side Up, in collaboration with The Unwell Network 

Future Forecast is a new podcast from The Future Party, Wheelhouse DNA and Acast. The show is hosted by The Future Party President Boye Akolade and CrossCheck Studios CEO Chris Sawtelle. In each episode, the duo takes on the trending topics of today, with the future always on the horizon. Akolade and Sawtelle dissect and analyze the headlines that you need to know, to keep up with the latest and greatest happenings in culture, news, entertainment and tech.

Arielle and Ned’s Daily Tips That May Or May Not Help You is a new podcast that will release five episodes every week. Hosted by the Arielle Nissenblatt and Ned Donovan, the show promises to be an entertaining and informative daily escape, covering an eclectic range of tips that touch on various aspects of life. From personal hygiene and car maintenance to uncovering the best music gems and mastering the art of waking up early, Arielle and Ned will explore it all. Listeners and viewers can expect a lighthearted and engaging approach to daily tips, delivered with a unique flair. The hosts are passionate about making the show interactive and are open to suggestions from their audience for new and exciting tips to feature on the show.

Spooning with Mark Wogan is a new podcast from News Broadcasting. Each week, Wogan will be joined by a special guest to talk about the food they love and the food that they think they hate. With a custom made menu of spoons, Mark will try to change their perceptions by serving up some culinary delights to eat – blindfolded! Wogan is a former Chef and Co-Founder of Homeslice Pizza, regularly hailed as London’s best pizza restaurant, and Symplicity Foods, which supplies many of the U.K.’s top restaurants with plant based alternatives. So he’s well placed to challenge his guest’s taste buds on the show. New episodes are released weekly every Thursday.

The Carlos Calderón Show is a new show from reVolver Podcasts. The podcast promises fresh perspectives on current issues, intriguing curiosities, and compelling conversations with influential guests sharing life-changing experiences. Born in Mexico City, Calderón initially pursued a degree in architecture until a chance encounter with a talent agent shifted his path to hosting, leading him from Hollywood's "The Dating Game" to a prominent role on Univision's top-rated morning show, Despierta América, for five years.

Foom is a new Spanish-language from Emisor Podcasting, Sonoro, El Extraordinario, Anfibia, and La No Ficción. The science fiction series is about when artificial intelligence takes control of humanity. The story is told through five podcast platforms that broadcast live from Santiago, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City and Madrid where a collaborative newscast talks about these events and the story unfolds progressively and alternately, offering a vision frenetic, full of danger and doubts about the uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence. It is written by Julio Rojas, who earlier created the hit podcast series Case 63.

30 Minutos de Salud is a new podcast from reVolver Podcasts. The show, curated by industry leaders and featuring expert guests, aims to revolutionize digital educational audio about health, healthy lifestyles, and improved information access within the Hispanic community. Each episode is 30 minutes long. “In a world filled with confusing jargon and misinformation, our goal is to simplify and empower our listeners through 30-minute sessions packed with scientific evidence, top-notch guests, and a touch of entertainment,” says Jack Hobbs, President of reVolver Podcasts. “We believe in bridging the gap between information and its practical application. 30 Minutos de Salud is not your typical health program; it's a companion on your journey to better well-being. Our podcasts are designed to make health information relatable, empowering listeners to take control of their health with confidence.” 


Ruthie's Table 4 returns for a new season. The iHeartPodcasts series features renowned chef and restaurateur Ruth Rogers. For more than 30 years The River Cafe in London, has been the home-from-home of artists, architects, designers, actors, collectors, writers, activists, and politicians. Michael Caine, Glenn Close, JJ Abrams, Steve McQueen, Victoria and David Beckham, and Lily Allen, are just some of the people who love to call The River Cafe home. On Ruthie’s Table 4, Rogers sits down with her customers—who have become friends—to talk about food memories. The season explores how food impacts every aspect of our lives. Each week, Rogers invites her guests to reminisce about family suppers and first dates, what they cook, how they eat when performing, the restaurants they choose, and what food they seek when they need comfort. And to punctuate each episode of “Table 4,” guests read their favorite recipe from one of the best-selling River Cafe cookbooks.

“Food is politics, food is cultural, food is how you express love, food is about your heritage, it defines who you are and who you want to be,” says Rogers.

Table 4 itself, is situated near The River Cafe’s open kitchen, close to the bright pink wood-fired oven and next to the glossy yellow pass, where Ruthie oversees the restaurant. New episodes release every Monday  

Intrigue: Million Dollar Lover is a new season of the Intrigue podcast series from the BBC. The series is an investigation into the shifting American class system, aging and elder relations, and intergenerational relationships through the lens of a love affair between Carolyn, a wealthy widow in her eighties, and Dave, a 57-year old homeless ex-convict young enough to be her son. The story captured the attention of the BBC Journalist Sue Mitchell as it was unfolding on her street. The result is a 10-part series. New episodes will be released on Thursdays.

“Watching Carolyn and Dave’s relationship unfold just down the street has been a fascinating study in how we perceive love later in life and inheritance in the U.S.,” says Mitchell. “Through their story, we’re better able to understand how we treat the elders in our communities and the innerworkings of inheritance and wealth in this country.”

Million Dollar Lover is produced at BBC Audio by the team behind The Boy in the Woods and is presented by Sue Mitchell. The series is scripted by Winifred Robinson; the producers are Sue Mitchell and Joel Moors; the dramaturg is Flo Dessau and sound design is by Tom Brignell.

Dr. Death returns for a fourth season titled Bad Magic. In this season, host Laura Beil returns to tell the story of Serhat Gumrukcu, a charismatic medic who said he was on the brink of curing some of the world’s deadliest diseases—all while hiding secrets about his criminal past. Gumrukcu was acclaimed as a genius after his research promised groundbreaking treatments for the terminally ill. Excitement about the breakthrough made him rich—his biotech company reached a value of half a billion dollars. Meanwhile, Gumrukcu led a charmed life in Los Angeles, posting photos of himself with celebrities in glamorous locations. But when a man from his past was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds, Gumrukcu’s secrets began to unravel. The investigation details a fascinating story of miraculous cures, spoon-bending magic, and murder. The series will be exclusive to the Wondery+ subscription service until Jan. 22, 2024, when it will be widely released. Dr. Death: Bad Magicis a Wondery production. 

All There Is with Anderson Cooper releases a second season. It is a series of intimate and deeply personal discussions about grief that Cooper began in 2022 while emptying out his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s apartment after she died. In Season 2, Cooper continues to try to understand his own feelings of grief in all its complexities, and in moving and honest discussions, learn from others who’ve experienced life-altering losses. Guests this season include President Joe Biden, The New Yorker’s Amanda Petrusich, and author Nicole Chung, among others.

“The last few months have been a revelation to me in terms of my understanding of grief and loss and the need to reach out to, and learn from, others who are living with it,” said Cooper. “We don’t talk enough about grief, I certainly haven’t. Maybe we don’t know what to say, or it’s painful, or we’ve buried it so deep we can’t even allow ourselves to feel it. Whatever the reason, I hope these conversations are helpful to people. They have been for me, and I am grateful.”

New episodes will be released Wednesdays.

Smoke Screen: My Fugitive Dad releases a new season of the Sony Music Entertainment investigative podcast series that explores the complex story behind Ted Conrad, an infamous bank robber who disappeared without a trace. He was never caught and only decades later did he reveal the truth to his daughter weeks from dying. My Fugitive Dad invites listeners to hear new sides of the Ted Conrad story, from his beloved daughter who was unwittingly living a lie and another family’s quest to bring Conrad to justice. In this season, Ted’s daughter Ashley Randele and reporter Jonathan Hirsch go on a journey to unravel the mystery of Ted Conrad, why he stole all that money, and how he managed to get away with it. Smoke Screen: My Fugitive Dad is written and produced by Jonathan Hirsch. Catherine Saint Louis is the story editor. The podcast is executive produced by Ashley Randele and Jonathan Hirsch. 

You Decide with Errol Louis launches a new season titled “Mario Cuomo: The Last Liberal.” Hosted by Spectrum News/NY1 political anchor Errol Louis, the three-episode series, a special edition of the existing podcast covers the unlikely rise of Mario Cuomo from the working-class child of Italian immigrants to a three-term governor of New York, whose family became major figures in New York politics for half a century. The podcast further probes unanswered questions around Cuomo’s unwillingness to run for president or accept appointment to the Supreme Court, and traces those decisions’ impact on the trajectory of American politics and society. It also features captivating archival audio of Cuomo, as well as new interviews with experts and insiders. New episodes will be released weekly through December 21.

The New Rules of Business return for a fourth season. The series from the private membership network for women Chief, features some of the best minds in business to discuss the most pressing issues in leadership today. Made by executives, for executives, each week, Chief Co-Founders Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan will dive into complex topics around neurodiversity in the workplace, the art of the career pivot for leaders, and the impact of the ongoing childcare crisis on business. They will be joined by visionaries such as Ellevest Founder and CEO Sallie Krawcheck, Olympic athlete-turned-entrepreneur Allyson Felix, and IBM Consulting’s VP and Senior Partner of Strategy, Transformation, and Thought Leadership Salima Lin.

Covering Your Health is a new biweekly collaboration between Inland Empire Health Plan and iHeartRadio.Hosted by longtime local radio personality Evelyn Erives, the show is an informational-style wellness podcast focusing on topics. Erives will interview a new guest expert each episode, asking questions on varying topics from mental and maternal health to nutrition and the importance of annual checkups. These guests will come from diverse backgrounds, from direct care providers such as hospitals and physicians to quality and community health executives, all dedicated to improved health for the community. Episodes of Covering Your Health drop every other Monday.

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