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Here’s What’s New In Podcasts This Week.

There are limited-run new shows that celebrate the mixtape and document the greatest power struggles of our time. There’s also a Heisman Trophy-focused sports series and a show that explores the complex universe of Wikipedia. Plus a podcast that dives into the world of relationships gone sour and another that tells the story of a woman forced to investigate her own sexual assault.

Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting –

... Treat is a new podcast from C13 Features, the scripted audio movie division of the podcast studio Cadence13. Written by Nathan Ballingrud, Treat tells the story of a seemingly perfect American town that makes a deal with a mysterious outsider possessing supernatural powers to help it recover from social turmoil. When the town falls behind on its payments, a trio of teenagers must unlock the secret of his powers. It stars actress Kiernan Shipka as the protagonist and narrator Allie West. C13Features has partnered with Babak Anvari and Lucan Toh of Two & Two Pictures, and Best Case Studios, to co-produce/ Treat is in production now and will premiere on October 25.

... Mixtape is a new limited-run series from New York Public Radio-based series Radiolab. The WNYC Studios five-episode series explores the power of a seemingly humble piece of technology that transformed our relationship to media forever: the cassette tape.

Produced, reported, scored and sound designed by Radiolab’s Simon Adler, Mixtape features stories from around the world that reveal the cassette tape’s impact on music, but also far beyond it. Such as the surprising way rock and roll penetrated Communist China — through recycled cassette tapes; how this new technology fueled the fledgling self-help industry; and how sound became a weapon in the Vietnam War. Mixtape also features unreleased archival recordings from Bing Crosby whose career was saved by magnetic tape.

With so many podcasts being made, a while back I asked myself what’s a story that really should be told in this audio form?” said Adler. “After stumbling across a couple of these cassette centered tales, the answer was obvious. Time and again I was surprised to learn how these ‘new’ problems the internet created were presaged by the cassette. They were social media before social media. They created virality and file sharing, hucksters and heroes. Oddly enough, I think we’re still living in a cassette world.”

Each episode is enriched by archival material recorded on cassette tapes, creating an immersive, retro audio environment that brings the listener back to pivotal moments in audio history.

“I grew up making cassette mixtapes for friends and remember how radical it seemed at the time,” said Radiolab Creator and Host Jad Abumrad. “What Simon has done here is make a mixtape about mixtapes, with a collection of staggeringly surprising, deeply reported stories that literally circle the globe, move us past the nostalgia, and look at real world consequences of this technology. . I think it’s going to push the audience to think about the making of the modern world and our relationship to technology in a whole new way.”

Mixtape episodes will be released through November 19.

... Tug of War is a new podcast from CNN. The limited-series podcast is hosted by CNN Chief International Correspondent Clarissa Ward. In this series, she travels to some of the most volatile corners of the world to document the greatest power struggles of our time. The first episode has Clarissa taking listeners onto the streets of Afghanistan and into the homes of its citizens as they watch the balance of power start to tip — and the Taliban tries to keep order with truncheons and whips. Ward shares firsthand accounts from Afghan citizens who witness the United States military withdrawal - after two decades of war - escalate into the Taliban swiftly toppling the Afghan government watching their twenty years of hard-earned freedoms crumble. Tug of War is the fifth new original podcast from CNN Audio this year.

... Swagu & Perk is a new sports podcast from ESPN. The weekly podcast will be led by its namesake hosts, former NFL veteran and analyst Marcus Spears (Swagu) and NBA champion and analyst Kendrick Perkins. The duo will take fans inside the latest news across the NFL, NBA and beyond. Spears and Perkins will also bring listeners inside their lives, career journeys and so much more with can’t-miss conversations and welcome in top sports and celebrity guests.

“I’m excited to co-host Swagu & Perk with Kendrick,” said Spears. “We will be chopping it up about football and basketball of course, yet it will be more about life, growing up in Louisiana (for him Texas) and this journey we are both on as Black men, fathers and husbands in today’s America. Can’t wait to have listeners hear us break down what’s happening in the world and most importantly – laugh with us. This will be fun above all else.”

New episodes will be released every Tuesday morning. Spears and Perkins will also continue to contribute to ESPN’s daily studio show lineup across platforms.

“We’re about to bring a different flavor to the podcast world and we’ll be talking about anything and everything culturally relevant in sports, entertainment and the world,” said Perkins.

... Hello Heisman is a new podcast from Learfield. It is the first-ever official Heisman Trophy podcast for college football fans, hosted by 1991 Heisman winner Desmond Howard and Heisman voter Jimmy Roberts. Each week, Howard and Roberts will lead conversation and interviews around one of the most recognizable awards in sports as a catalyst for discussing the game's greats from their different backgrounds and points of view. Guests will include Heisman hopefuls, past winners and top talent with a passion for college football.

"As a former Heisman Trophy winner, I know how coveted the award is. We think Hello Heisman will be a great opportunity to tell college football stories through the lens of the Heisman Trophy," said Howard. "Plus, the chance to work with Jimmy at this point in our careers was extremely exciting. And, he begged me to do it."

Roberts added, "Storytelling in a free-flowing format like a podcast, with someone like Desmond, around college football, well, that was simply a no-brainer."

Hello Heisman will comprise of 14 episodes from October 2021-January 2022. The show will also include a video companion.

"Hello Heisman is a terrific addition to our podcast network, and no doubt Desmond and Jimmy will deliver an exciting and entertaining show each week," said Learfield SVP and Head of Content Grant Jones. "We're intent on providing fans compelling content they can consume 365 days a year – whenever, whenever and however it's most convenient for them."

... Dot Com is a new six-episode series from Crowd Network. Hosted by Katie Puckrik, the show explores the complex universe of Wikipedia, where nerddom rules, communities thrive, and information is everything. Using a mixture of original research, archive material and never-before-heard interviews, Puckrik dives into the history and communities that have made Wikipedia the site it is today – a place run by volunteers where free knowledge for all is the ideal, but that occasionally struggles deeply with bias and lies.

“It’s easy to feel like the internet is a faceless wilderness, so we wanted to zero in on the actual people behind it. And an exploration of Wikipedia is the perfect way to do this, as it’s entirely people-powered,” said Puckrik. “It’s been fascinating to burrow down into the histories and controversies surrounding a website that most of us take for granted, but use every day. Delving into the matrix of Wikipedia reveals the molecules that make up the monolith: the tireless volunteers behind the millions of constantly-edited pages.

Crowd Network says future seasons of Dot Com will focus on Reddit and the ‘cult’ of cryptocurrency.

... Carrie Low Vs. is a new true crime podcast from the CBC. The five-episode show tells the story of a Halifax, Canada woman who was having drinks at a neighborhood bar when she was abducted and brutally gang raped. She immediately reported the rape but what followed were roadblocks and multiple failures on the part of the police to investigate the assault. She had to become her own investigator, and her fight, originally against her attackers, became a fight against the police, and a system that she thought was there to help. Now, she’s on a mission to hold these institutions accountable to every sexual assault victim in Canada and fighting for the rights of future victims. This all-new investigation is hosted by investigative journalist Maggie Rahr.

... Betrayal with Daryn Carp is a new series from Discovery+ and Investigation Discovery (ID). It dives into the world of relationships gone sour, twisted, and even deadly. Each episode will follow a different case of love gone dreadful covering everything from romantic relationships, familial bonds, to even the sordid history of Chippendales. Each week Carp and a celebrity guest will dive deep into cases that will shock, amuse, and horrify.

“Cases of love gone criminal have long horrified and fascinated me. While we’ve all been through a bad break up, had a fight with a family member, a fraught relationship with a friend or business partner, or an unrequited crush - most of us have never had our affections turn deadly,” said Carp. “With the help of some fantastic guest hosts, in each episode of Betrayal I hope to get to the bottom of how and why love, in all its forms, can sometimes go so horribly wrong.”

Guest hosts this season will include “Welcome To Your Fantasy” podcast host Natalia Petrzela, Obsessed Network’s Patrick Hinds, host of MTV’s “Catfish” Nev Schulman, hosts of discovery+’s “Unraveled” Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter, “Shaken and Disturbed” co-host John Thrasher, Crawlspace Media’s Lance Reenstierna, NYT bestselling author of “Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice after Serial” Rabia Chaudry, and co-host of “Wine and Crime” Kenyon Laing.

“Daryn is such a fresh and entertaining voice in the true crime world and we are thrilled to welcome her to the ID and discovery+ family to bring Betrayal to life,” said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content. "Our audience has an insatiable appetite for the most gripping true crime stories across all platforms - linear, streaming, and podcasts. With Betrayal we further our commitment to expand our unique brand of immersive storytelling in the premium audio space."

Weekly episodes of Betrayal with Daryn Carp launched on October 25, with new episodes dropping weekly for ten weeks on Mondays.

... Death By Unknown Event is a new true crime podcast from Skybound Entertainment and Audible. For seven years, Vancouver nurse Cindy James reported more than 100 separate incidents of harassment, ranging from threatening phone calls to home invasions to ritualistic assaults, including strangulations and stabbings. Canada’s Royal Mounted Police spent over a million dollars investigating her claims and found zero evidence of foul play, leading them to suspect she was making it all up. Then, in 1989, Cindy was found dead, bound and naked, half a mile from where her car was parked in a shopping mall. What happened to Cindy James remains one of the most bizarre and perplexing true crime stories in recent memory. Death by Unknown Event illuminates the enigmatic context around James’s life, the efforts and failures of law enforcement, and the lingering theories around how she died from those closest to the case.

... White Hot Hate is a new six-episode series from the CBC. The podcast tells the story of Winnipeg Free Press journalist Ryan Thorpe who uncovered the story of a secretive group calling itself The Base and a man named Patrik Mathews, a Canadian Armed Forces reservist who was trying to establish a neo-Nazi extremist cell in the Manitoban capital. The podast follows the case of Mathews through Ryan’s first-hand experience and perspective as an infiltrator - while host Michelle Shephard, veteran national security reporter, explores the rise of white supremacist accelerationism: the racist and ultra-violent ideology that drives believers to seize control, after creating chaos.

... Hello Heisman is a new podcast from Learfield. It is the first-ever official Heisman Trophy podcast for college football fans, hosted by 1991 Heisman winner Desmond Howard and Heisman voter Jimmy Roberts. Each week, Howard and Roberts will lead conversation and interviews around one of the most recognizable awards in sports as a catalyst for discussing the game's greats from their different backgrounds and points of view. Guests will include Heisman hopefuls, past winners and top talent with a passion for college football.

"As a former Heisman Trophy winner, I know how coveted the award is. We think Hello Heisman will be a great opportunity to tell college football stories through the lens of the Heisman Trophy," said Howard. "Plus, the chance to work with Jimmy at this point in our careers was extremely exciting. And, he begged me to do it."

Roberts added, "Storytelling in a free-flowing format like a podcast, with someone like Desmond, around college football, well, that was simply a no-brainer."

Hello Heisman will comprise of 14 episodes from October 2021-January 2022. The show will also include a video companion.

"Hello Heisman is a terrific addition to our podcast network, and no doubt Desmond and Jimmy will deliver an exciting and entertaining show each week," said Learfield SVP and Head of Content Grant Jones. "We're intent on providing fans compelling content they can consume 365 days a year – whenever, whenever and however it's most convenient for them."

... Living the Dream is a new podcast from Les Dames d’Escoffier New York (LDNY), and Penny Stankiewicz, who is a renowned sugar artist. The eight-episode inaugural season features host Stankiewicz and noted women in the food and beverage industries from chefs to television personalities to industry executives, all sharing their unique insights into the trials and tribulations of working in this industry. Featured segments will include “Tasting Notes,” an opportunity to share food or drink with the featured guest; “What I Wish I Knew,” a piece of sage, hard earned wisdom from the guest that would have made a difference to them when they were starting out; an interview with the guest and finally an insight into the LDNY organization and their outreach.

“We are thrilled to partner with Penny on LDNY’s first ever podcast series,” said LDNY Co-Presidents Jenifer Lang and Jen O’Flanagan in a joint statement. “Our goal as an organization is to uplift and advance women in our industry. Creating a platform where our members can share stories, give advice, and reflect on the ever-changing landscape of food and beverage is an exciting milestone for us.”

Living the Dream is distributed on LaunchpadOne.

... Undruggable is a new podcast from Amgen about drug discovery that launched today. It is hosted by Ray Deshaies, who has spent decades in academic research and is senior vice president at Amgen, who along with colleagues from California to Copenhagen explore the successive waves of innovation, what we’ve learned, what remains unsolved, and how scientists are progressing in successfully tackling the “undruggable.” New episodes will be released every Thursday through November 18.

... Who is Daniel Johns? is a new podcast from Spotify. Johns shot to fame at the age of 15 as head of the band Silverchair and remained one of the most high-profile Australian musicians through the 90s and the 00s. In recent years, a more reclusive Daniel has only released music sporadically, and been the subject of much media attention and speculation when his unconventional lifestyle literally spilled out onto the streets. For the first time, Daniel Johns will share his story with no filter in a Spotify Original podcast: Who Is Daniel Johns?

“I’m happy to do it because I think it’s a good vessel to release art,” explained Johns.

“Above all things, I just want to make art, and I would really love for people to hear it. And the only way to get people to hear my art is through vessels like this because I don’t want to perform on stage.”

Produced by global podcast heavyweights Kaitlyn Sawrey, Amelia Chappelow, and Frank Lopez, the weekly series also includes a soundtrack of original, yet-to-be-released Daniel Johns music. Following the first five episodes, the season will end with a series of bonus episodes where Daniel has one-on-one conversations with key figures in his life, including collaborators and luminaries Natalie Imbruglia, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.

... RM 15 is a new podcast from winning network television and streaming marketing executives Garen van de Beek and Lori Shefa. For the RM 15 podcast, van de Beek and Shefa have assembled a “who’s who” of entertainment industry guests, who will be interviewed by the duo about their careers, their successes (and failures), their paths to Hollywood, and their opinions about the future of the industry at large, specifically as it pertains to marketing.

“We have been so incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with so many top industry ‘movers and shakers’ during our careers, that we felt now would be a terrific time to interview those people on-air to discover what makes them ‘tick’ and to see what kind of advice they have for those of us who are always intrigued by a good success story!” said van de Beek and Shefa in a joint statement.

The name of the podcast comes from RM 15 Creative, their year-old marketing agency.

... Fireweed is a new podcast from BCIT. The series hosted by BCIT alumna Maria Vinca tells stories that embody the never-ending human potential to adapt to change. The show features guests from in and around the Pacific Northwest, interviewing academics and industry leaders, people from business and tech who are working to create resilient systems – all built to handle change. Each episode explores conversations with academics, industry leaders, and people from business and tech who are working to create resilient systems—all built to handle change.

... Start Song is a new podcast from Spotify on its recently launched Noteable platform. It is hosted by songwriter Ali Tamposi and Armenian-American artist, activist, and music industry veteran Tamar Kaprelian. The show features conversations with artists including John Legend, Camila Cabello, Charli XCX, and Phoebe Bridgers, and ten corresponding episodes that dive deep into the topics of Songwriting, Production, Business, Music & Mindset, featuring talent including Sam Smith, Hayley Williams, and Take a Day Trip.

“It excites us to be able to draw back the curtain and give aspiring musicians globally access to the tricks and tools that industry professionals use on a daily basis. Looking at the world today, it is more important than ever for all people to have access to creative outlets,” said Tamposi.

The show will also feature a video component. Directed by documentary filmmaker Poppy de Villeneuve, the video episodes include detailed tutorials on how to build a demo (TOKiMONSTA), artistry and persona (Hayley Kiyoko and Ingrid Andress), DIY recording set-ups (Kito), collaboration (Charli XCX and Tove Lo), writing hooks (Ali Tamposi and Andrew Watt), the music industry at large (Tamar Kaprelian), and more.

“While we are more connected than ever and people’s access to technology grows exponentially, the barriers to entry still remain high! Quality music education isn’t easily available globally,” said Kaprelian. “It’s not aggregated in one place; the information is fragmented. Not to mention, musicians and industry professionals sometimes go into debt when they go to music school. Our goal is to create a place to learn.”

... Stones & Bones is a new podcast from historian and author Deborah Brezina. In the series, Brezina uses knowledge from her extensive travels and research to take us back in time to the trial of Queen Emma of Normandy. Set during the medieval years around 1000 A.D., Queen Emma was accused of the most scandalous crimes of the day—including adultery, treason and, worse yet, the murder of a prince—helping to craft the Europe we know today.

"To talk about and imagine the life of a woman who quite literally shifted the tides of history is absolutely enthralling,” said Brezina. “The podcast touches on so many aspects of her life—from monarchy to war to romance and scandal—there really is something to intrigue everyone.

The 12-episode Stones & Bones podcast will release new episodes every Wednesday.

... Beyond The Likes is a new podcast hosted by Amy Gerard. On the show the wine loving mother of three juggling it all, from spirited children, to sex, friendships, and marriage explores the humorous side of life after kids outside the realms of Instagram.

“No topic is off-limits,” says Gerard. “I share the highs and lows and everything in between. I’m not going to pretend I live this glamorous Instagram life. I get my ass handed to me daily, negotiate hourly with tiny dictators and fantasize about burning all the Lego every night while the kids are asleep.”

Beyond The Likes will release new episodes each Wednesday.

... Unlocking Resistance is a new podcast from the global software company Everbridge. The podcast features global influencers, government leaders, C-level executives and top healthcare experts as they discuss the confluence of leadership, technology and resilience at both the personal and organizational level. Topics will include overcoming personal challenges to create a life of resilience; effective strategies for building organizational resilience and business continuity in the face of critical events; and perspectives on the future of work, life and entertainment in a post-pandemic world, among other topics.

“We developed the Everbridge Unlocking Resilience podcast series to further share best practices, strategies and insights from many of the world’s top influencers, asking how they approach resilience in both their personal and professional lives,” said Everbridge CEO David Meredith. “Our audience consists of C-level executives and decision makers from across industry and around the world, looking to challenge their own approach and practices to ensuring resilience.”

For every episode recorded, Everbridge will make a donation to The CDC Foundation, a nonprofit authorized by the U.S. Congress to mobilize philanthropic partners and private-sector resources to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC’s) critical health protection mission.

... Bettermental is a new podcast devoted to mental health for small business owners. It is co-hosted by Mike Veny, a certified corporate wellness specialist, and Leanna Lee, a future of work and wellbeing writer. Together, they will leverage their often opposing worlds as patient-experts with chronic mental health challenges and business owners for fresh insights on workplace wellness and healthy business development.

"Emotional wellness and mental health are siblings," said Veny. "Bettermental is a unique learning experience for listeners."

The fall season of Bettermental will tackle several topics, including mental health at work, how to have a stress-free reset, and tips on how to lead a healthy work environment away from toxic habits.

"Mental health at work starts with decision-makers willing to take their own and their team's wellness seriously," said Lee, who explores her experiences as a disabled business owner throughout the podcast. "Wellness benefits are all very well, but a truly healthy business requires a firm foundation, supportive systems, and constant advocacy."

... People Over Plastic is a new podcast that uses pop culture and storytelling to illuminate the plastics crisis, the climate crisis in which plastics are a major factor, and emerging solutions to them. Hosted by Shilpi Chhotray, an expert communicator focused on the plastic pollution crisis, the show offers a view of the crisis from the viewpoint of women, LGBTQ, BIPOC, and voices from the global South.

“The news about plastics can be overwhelming,” said Chhotray, who leads the POP media advocacy project. “There will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050, but that’s not what this podcast is about. We’re talking about who carries the burden, who gets a seat at the table, and real solutions that can combat this crisis. POP unpacks the culture and politics of plastics, shapes the dialog with communities of color and indigenous voices at the forefront, with a view toward scalable solutions and how to get involved.”

... We Interrupt This Broadcast is returning for a new season hosted by broadcaster Bill Kurtis and narrated by NBC's Brian Williams. The second season launches on October 30 with War of the Worlds – The Original 'Deep Fake'. Marking the anniversary of Orson Welles' realistic radio dramatization of a Martian invasion of Earth, the original 'deepfake' is revisited amid our present-day social media and political atmosphere with original audio and interviews with Orson Welles, his collaborator John Houseman, writer Howard Koch, and historian and author A. Brad Schwartz, among others.

The podcast explores iconic moments in history from the point of view of the broadcasters and TV journalists who broke the news, and it has been heralded by historians, journalists, educators, and fans of broadcast television and radio. All 12 episodes of season two are scheduled to be streamed in late November.

"Podcasting allows us to get it right—we get to tell the story calmly and accurately. If we do it right, it will bring people as close as possible to the feeling of being as fortunate as we are to have this job," said Williams. "It's been a tremendous privilege and honor to live through breaking stories as they are happening, right alongside our viewers. Listening to We Interrupt This Broadcast, you're going to feel that same tension, excitement, mystery, and urgency that we felt in the moment as we broadcasted."

The contributors on the podcast are a "who's who" in broadcast journalism. Along with the thrilling broadcast news audio, exclusive, rare, and never-before-heard recordings are woven throughout each episode. The docuseries, produced by i4 Media Ventures, LLC, will be presented over six 12-episode seasons for a total of 72 episodes.

... Diverse Disruptors launches a new season. The series from “88Nine Radio Milwaukee” WYMS and hosted by Radio Milwaukee’s Tarik Moody, says it will share more personal stories of innovators from around the country in season two. The podcast will highlight six entrepreneurs in various fields from venture capital to recidivism to childcare. The second season shares stories of the ways guests’ personal experiences inspired them to innovate. And it will go beyond entrepreneurial success stories to provide listeners with a real look at the challenges and barriers that often come with innovation, especially when looking at entrepreneurs of color.

“I want listeners to hear that representation matters and being an innovator is not easy,” explained Moody. “You don’t always have a happy ending, but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome obstacles and learn from your failures.”

The unfiltered storytelling and focus on the individual behind the innovation will be a throughline of all episodes of Diverse Disruptors. The podcast also hopes to show that the worlds of technology, entrepreneurship, and venture capital are not just open to those with privilege, but that anyone with an idea can turn it into something that can change their community.

New episodes of season two will be released each Monday through November 22.

... Living & Learning with Reba McEntire is returning for a second season. The Spotify Original is hosted by the country music icon who each week will tackle numerous topics through informative and intriguing conversations with a variety of celebrity guests. This season, fans will join Reba in her journey to discuss and grow with some of her famous friends including: her boyfriend “Sugar Tot” Rex Linn, country music trio Lady A, and fellow country music icon Trisha Yearwood.

... Crime Beat is releasing a fourth season. Corus Entertainment’s podcast network Curiouscast releases the show hosted by veteran Global News Crime Reporter Nancy Hixt. In Crime Beat’s new season, Hixt takes audiences inside some of the high-profile cases she has worked on that have impacted both sides of the border. This season will welcome new voices in the criminal and justice system including jurors, prosecutors, investigators and victims.

“We are excited to bring a fourth season of Crime Beat to audiences and to continue providing a platform to share these important stories,” said Chris ‘Dunner’ Duncombe, Director of Podcasting and Streaming at Curiouscast/Corus Entertainment. “We are so proud of the valuable work Nancy has dedicated to the podcast to shine a light in some of the darkest places.”

Since its debut in March 2019, the podcast has become one of Canada’s most popular true crime podcasts, with 11 million downloads to date and a growing audience in the US, UK and Australia.

... The Thom & Hawk Football Show is releasing its second season. The fan-favorite show features Joe Thomas and Andrew Hawkins discussing the week’s biggest highlights along with special guests, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

“When we first started the show in 2017, we were the first completely player-hosted football podcast and built the foundation for our media careers,” said Hawkins. “It’s awesome to bring the show back with a partner like Amazon Music who has a track record of taking shows to the next level.”

Twice a week, 10-time Pro Bowler Thomas and seven-year NFL veteran Hawkins bring an unfiltered and insiders’ perspective on the best of today’s NFL. Every Wednesday they welcome special guests, play games, and make weekly picks as they weave through the NFL slate. On Mondays, Thom and Hawk bring listeners an “insider mini-cast”, exclusively on Amazon Music, breaking down their five favorite stories from the weekend, in 10 minutes or less.

“Bringing the show back with Amazon Music is super exciting because we’ll be able to make this season even bigger and better,” said Thomas. “We can’t wait to engage even more with football fans with the addition of our new Monday mini-cast on Alexa and livestream on Twitch.”

For fans looking for more Thom and Hawk, the duo can also be seen as part of Amazon’s lineup of announcers and hosts for this season’s Thursday Night Football on Prime Video and Twitch every week. Thom and Hawk also host The NFL Comment Box on Twitch on Mondays, where they review highlights and host fan Q&As, and Hawk joins NFL Next Live every Thursday alongside Kimmi Chex for a Thursday Night Football Watch Party on Twitch.

... Stuff the British Stole is releasing its second season. The five-episode series is hosted by journalist Marc Fennell looks at the objects that the British Empire stole during its conquests and are now housed in museums and cultural institutions across the U.K. and the world In each episode, Fennell picks one artifact and takes listeners on the wild, evocative, sometimes funny, often tragic adventure of how it got to where it is now. Ultimately, this isn't really a series about the past. It's about making sense of the world we have today. The podcast is from the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, which is partnering with the Australian Broadcast Corporation for the production of the podcast’s second season.

... Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel is releasing a fifth season. The Gimlet/Spotify Studio show will feature Perel speaking to a constellation of new relationships: A couple wrestling with the guilt they feel over the happiness their infidelity created. Another trying to make space for their queerness in an outwardly appearing hetero relationship. A set of friends trying to sort out if their childhood friendship needs to continue into adulthood. And Esther checks back in with couples from seasons past to see where are they now as she creates a space for us to hear our own lives and struggles articulated in the stories of others.

... Future Hindsight returns for a 16th season, centering on the theme of “The Social Contract.” On its first episode, host Mila Atmos interviews Princeton political philosophy professor Melissa Lane about what the social contract is, setting the stage, and why it is a necessary lens to apply to our understanding of policy and action. The season is especially timely as we approach November elections and the onset of 2022 -- the year of midterm elections.

“I wanted to find out what it actually would take to become civically engaged. And really make a difference, short of running for office but more than voting,” said Atmos. “At some point I realized that the problems that we’re facing as a society can really only be solved if we all rolled up our sleeves and get into it. If you just decide that somebody else has to take care of it, then somebody else won’t.”

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