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Here’s What’s New In Podcasts For This Week.

With the movie “Oppenheimer” making headlines, the Lost Women of Science Initiative this week debuts a new series focused on the little-known women involved in the Manhattan Project. Also this week, there’s a new podcast about LeBron James’ legendary 20-season run as the face of the NBA. Oprah Winfrey has a new series in which she speaks with the author of the novel “The Covenant of Water.” The Smithsonian drops a bilingual podcast. And just in time for your Christmas in July celebration, there’s a new show all about the Hallmark Channel’s obsession with the holiday.

Here’s some of what’s new this week in podcasting—

Lost Women of the Manhattan Project is a new limited-run series from the Lost Women of Science Initiative. The series of short episodes are about the women who played significant roles in the Manhattan Project – the effort during World War II to develop an atomic bomb. More than 640 women worked on the Manhattan Project, representing 11% of the workforce, but many of their contributions have largely been forgotten and unrecognized.

“It's remarkable how many exceptional women scientists contributed to this important, yet morally fraught, war effort. They were physicists, chemists, mathematicians, and biologists. Most of their remarkable stories have been forgotten,” says Katie Hafner, a co-host of the Los Women in Science podcast.

The series of six-minute biographies coincides with the release of the film “Oppenheimer.”

Outlaws: The Good Thief is a new true crime series from Kaleidoscope, the New York-based global podcasting company, and iHeartPodcasts. It tells the story of Vassilis Paleokostas, aka “Greece’s Robin Hood,” who has been on the lam for 14 years. When he robs banks, he shares the money with the poor. When he kidnaps industrialists -- and he only kidnaps those who are known for unfair labor practices -- they give baffling interviews showing how he opened their minds. And when he escapes heavily reinforced prisons, as he’s done ... by helicopter ... twice, he does it without harming a guard. Hosted by Miles Gray and a team of Greek reporters who follow Vassilis’ trail from Athens to tiny islands to remote mountain hideouts. Along the way, listeners will meet Vassilis’s inner circle, chat with police chiefs and prime ministers and work to understand how this thief managed to steal the country’s heart. New episodes will be released each Wednesday through August 30.

Remus: The Mad Bootleg King is a new Curiosity Podcast from Karen Abbott, the New York Times-bestselling author of Sin in the Second City, American Rose, Liar Temptress Soldier Spy, and The Ghosts of Eden Park. Listeners will be invited into the world of George Remus, a teetotaling bootlegger, erudite madman and a real-life inspiration for Jay Gatsby. His wife, Imogene, was his crown jewel. Together they ruled their empire from Cincinnati, bribing officials and living the life of luxury. But Remus’ world came crashing down when a pioneering prosecutor named Mabel Walker Willebrand went after him, his wife betrayed him, and he was sent to prison. New episodes will be released each Tuesday.

The Covenant Of Water Podcastis a new show from OWN Podcasts. The six-episode series is hosted by Orpah Winfrey, who felt compelled to create space for a special conversation to dig deeper into the novel “The Covenant of Water” in a one-on-one discussion with author Dr. Abraham Verghese to unveil and dissect all that the text has to offer.

“The Covenant of Water is truly one of the most gripping, exquisite novels I have ever read. Now I’m excited for you to hear our captivating conversation with the brilliantly talented author, Dr. Abraham Verghese,” said Winfrey.

The podcast explores all 10 parts of his acclaimed novel: family secrets, romance, spirituality, medical mysteries and the resilience of the human spirit. Oprah and Dr. Verghese share their own experiences to offer insights into the book, which is latest selection in Oprah’s Book Club.

New episodes will be released each Wednesday.

Hallmark Junkies is a new iHeartMedia podcast that celebrates the Hallmark Channel’s obsession with Christmas. Hosted by Kerri Carpenter, a published romance author, industry insider and Hallmark super-fan, and Jenny Mitchell, Kerri's best friend and certified Hallmark junkie, as they review the network’s holiday-themed movies. They will break down the classics and review new releases in a world where no one ever has to wait that long for Christmas. New episodes will be released each Thursday.

A King’s Reign is a new podcast series from The Athletic. In this narrative podcast series, a team of sports journalists come together to highlight the important stories from LeBron James’ legendary 20-season run as the face of the NBA with insights from the people who grew up with, lockered next to, campaigned with, toasted victory and cried in defeat with arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Episodes feature original reporting from The Athletic’s bench of experts, including David Aldridge, Sam Amick, Marcus Thompson II, Joe Vardon, Jason Lloyd, Zach Harper, the “No Dunks” podcast crew and more. Listeners can find A King’s Reign on The Athletic NBA Show feed.

The Recap Show is a new sports podcast that offers a look at the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The podcast is hosted by two-time World Cup champs Tobin Heath and Christen Press as part of their Re-Inc lifestyle brand. In each show they will offer never-before-told-stories about the triumphs and heartbreaks on the road to victory. The creators say the show is the antithesis of traditional male-dominated sports commentary that has controlled airwaves and TVs for decades.

The Girlfriends is a new show from iHeartPodcasts that tells the story of Carole Fisher, a high-flying divorcee looking for love in Las Vegas, who meets a plastic surgeon that seems to be perfect on paper. There’s just one lingering problem about Bob: He never talks about his ex-wife, who is presumed dead. Following Carole and Bob’s break-up, Carole discovers a lot of women in Vegas dated Bob and they all have their own strange stories to tell. Before too long they form a club dedicated to figuring out what happened to Bob’s wife. In this riveting nine part series, hosted by Carole, listeners will uncover the truth beyond Bob’s wife's death, the systems that failed her and all the girlfriends that brought her justice. New episodes will be published Mondays.

The Re-Cap Show is a new sports podcast that offers a look at the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The podcast is hosted by two-time World Cup champs Tobin Heath and Christen Press who will be will be “watching” the World Cup rather than “playing” in it. In the series, they will offer highlight the 2023 World Cup and share an honest breakdown that only these players can offer. The creators say the show is the antithesis of traditional male-dominated sports commentary that has controlled airwaves and TVs for decades. The show is Executive Produced by Tobin Heath, Christen Press, Shane Rahmani, and Jaime Freedman. The series stems from the new media division of Re-Inc, the brand they founded alongside fellow USWNT champions Meghan Klingenberg and Megan Rapinoe.

Rattled & Shook is a new podcast from Tenderfoot TV and Audacy. The spinoff of the Radio Rental series, the new weekly variety style show covering all things creepy. Co-hosted by award-winning producer Meredith Stedman and horror buff Aprile Ruha, Rattled & Shook features spooky stories, horror themed games, and special guests.

Bad Manors is a new series from U.K. comedian Tom Houghton who offers a peek inside Britain’s stately homes, castles and country estates and hear about their local histories, the scandals and the mysteries. He explores historic buildings and gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at tales you won’t hear in the guidebook. New episodes will be released each Tuesday.

What’s Off? is a new podcast from the Alliance of Resident Theaters/New York. The five-episode series celebrates podcast celebrating innovative approaches individuals and organizations in the world of nonprofit theatre have taken to anything that has felt “off.” Featuring interviews with artists, administrators, service providers, and other workers within the Off and Off-Off Broadway community, the podcast provides listeners with deep dives into various issues—and solutions to them—that will have a lasting impact on the field. What’s Off? is hosted by A.R.T./New York Programs Coordinator Ashley J. Hicks and Programs Manager Nicky Maggio. As the podcast for the single membership organization serving the full breadth of New York’s not-for-profit theaters, the creators say What’s Off? offers listeners a glimpse into organizations of all sizes, and their unique methods of reorienting themselves towards the future. The podcast doesn’t dwell on problems, but rather reveals a field in flux as, like the very works on its stages, it rethinks what’s possible.

Academy is a new podcast from Wondery and At Will Media. The coming-of-age audio drama is about the overly ambitious student body of one of the most prestigious boarding schools in America, a secret society brewing chaos and power struggles on campus, and romantic entanglements that threaten to destroy everything. Starring Myha'la Herrold (Industry, Black Mirror) and Benjamin Norris (Never Have I Ever, Superstore), and a star-studded ensemble cast, Academy is inspired by true events. The audio series features an Amazon Original theme song, “Belong,” from gifted singer/songwriter and indie-pop artist, Windser. Academy will be available exclusively and ad-free on Amazon Music and Wondery+. Academy is created by Anderson Cook, Christina Friel, Will Malnati, and Connor Wright. It is executive produced by Erin O’Flaherty and Marshall Lewy for Wondery, and Malnati for At Will Media. It is written by Cook and Sidney Butler and directed by Cook.

Unleash for Love is a new rom-com fiction podcast from SBH Productions and Audidle. Alesha Goodwin (Alesha Reneé) is determined to have it all—a successful acting career, best friends for life, and true love! She's got the friendships on lock, but after years of hard work her career has yet to take off. So she takes charge of her own destiny and creates ’Unleash for Love,’ a reality show aiming to discover genuine love and propel her career to new heights. Alesha and her besties, Melissa (Pretty Vee) and Candi (Logan Browning) are by her side, her most successful friend Teddy (Lamorne Morris) lends his money and talent to get the online show made, and a hilarious cast of bachelors and characters are along for the ride. SBH Productions is the studio created by actor Kevin Hart and radio personality Charlamagne Tha God.

AeroEspacial is a new limited-run podcast series from the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. The podcast focuses on stories of Latino history and culture at the heart of aviation and space. Each episode of AeroEspacial will feature interviews that spotlight Latino voices and introduce listeners to the diversity of people working in and around aerospace. The four-part series will be published in both English and Spanish. "AeroEspacial" is the museum's second mini-series diving deeper into the stories of a specific community, following its QueerSpace series in February 2022, and it is the museum's first podcast series published in two languages. AeroEspacial is hosted by Sofia A. Soto Sugar of the National Air and Space Museum and Héctor Alejandro Arzate of WAMU Washington. The series will be released in the feed of the Museum’s AirSpace podcast.

Better Tomorrow is a new podcast from SiriusXM. The new lifestyle podcast features TV personality Hannah Brown (ABC’s The Bachelorette and FOX’s Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test) as she seeks to answer life’s big questions: “Am I better today than I was yesterday? And how can I learn to be better tomorrow?” Each week, Brown builds on these important questions, discussing topics like confidence, relationships and love, faith, and making time for yourself. Though a progressive, empowered woman, Hannah admits to not having all the answers. So she will be joined by special guests, including experts, celebrity friends, artists and entrepreneurs, to offer advice and lasting takeaways. Better Tomorrow is produced by Lagos Creative in collaboration with SiriusXM’s Stitcher Studios, with Stitcher’s Kimmie Gregory serving as executive producer. New episodes will be available weekly.

Terribly Famous is a new podcast from Wondery and Amazon Music. Hosting the U.K.-targeted podcast with a mix of cultural commentary, salient storytelling and razor-sharp wit are actor, improviser and stand-up comedian Emily Lloyd-Saini (Code 404) and fellow actor, comedian and writer Anna Leong Brophy (Shadow & Bone). They will take inside Britain’s unique celebrity culture to chart the lives of its most iconic stars. From the career highs to controversies, meteoric rises to missteps, each season tells the story of one of our biggest stars, launching with best-selling artist Adele, with later seasons confirmed for Victoria Beckham, Zayn Malik and Lily Allen. Terribly Famous is a Wondery and Loftus Media production.

The Banksy Story is a new podcast from BBC Radio and BBC Sounds. The ten-part series is hosted by super-fan James Peak, who gets closer than ever before to Banksy’s secret world to tell the story of the graffiti kid who made spraying walls into high art, the anonymous figure who became a household name, the cultural phenomenon who bites the hand that feeds him. Listeners will hear from an ex-employee of Banksy’s infamous Picture On Walls print shop, who worked closely with the artist during a critical time in his career and recounts fascinating behind the scenes stories.

Wheels Deals & Meals is a new podcast from Petra Automotive Products. The podcast, hosted by Petra Founder Arnold Gacita Sr., will focus on how to find the best food in the world whether on business trips or in the listener's home state with suggestions from local business icons sharing their hidden places for a great meal. In addition to the guest's favorite places, and dishes, to eat, Arnold will share with listeners what made these dynamic executives successful and how they use business strategy to get ahead in their respective industries.

"Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge foodie, I have friends and clients calling me all of the time to ask me where to take clients to dinner or the best places to eat when they are traveling for business," said Gacita. "I thought, wouldn't it be cool if we created a podcast that took some of the country's largest executives and had them share their favorite places to break bread with friends, family and clients."

New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

After The Whistle with Brendan Hunt and Rebecca Lowe returns for a new season to follow the 2023 Women’s World Cup tournament Throughout the season, cohosts Brendan Hunt — actor and cocreator of the multi-Emmy Award-winning Apple TV+ series “Ted Lasso,” and Rebecca Lowe — the host of NBC Sports’ Premier League coverage for the past 10 seasons — will recap the most exciting moments of the tournament; break down key plays, wins, upsets, and off-field moments; and be joined by a slate of special guests. Produced by Apple News, new episodes of After The Whistle will be available multiple times per week in the hours following momentous games, all available for free in Apple News for users in the U.S. and in Apple Podcasts for users in 101 countries and regions

Black Arm of the Law is launching a new season of the podcast from Mean Ole Lion Media, a content creation company focusing on stories and topics affecting Black and Brown communities. The show has been re-imagined as it is now hosted by Former Chief of Police in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dr. RaShall M. Brackney. Each week, the podcast will hold candid discussions around the intersection of race, public safety and public policy with lawyers, activists, scholars, politicians, as well as those within Black and Brown communities who have been impacted by the criminal legal system. Hot topics include racial inequities, police and prison reform, police violence, community partnerships, the criminal legal system, stop and frisk, identifying best practices, the war on drugs and guns, the history of policing, over criminalization in America, positive leadership, and other issues.

The Paula Peralta Show is a new beauty podcast hosted by celebrity hairstylist and Paul Mitchell Artistic Director, Paula Peralta. The podcast features exclusive celebrity interviews including never-before revealed details, inspiring journeys to spark ideas for personal and business growth, engaging discussions on hot topics where nothing is off limits. Celebrity and industry expert guest spotlights for season one includes model and Indigenous activist, Quannah Chasinghorse; co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, Angus Mitchell; and YouTuber and comedian Kristin Chirico, among others. The show is the creation of Vagaro, a leading business management software for the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. New episodes will be released every Monday.

Retire Repurposed is a new podcast from the Salem Podcast Networks and Salem’s Senior Resource. Hosted by Ben Taatjes and Jerrid Sebesta, the show is focused on the challenges the notion that retirement is simply an end to one's working life. Instead, it's an opportunity to repurpose one's skills, passions, and experiences in a way that can impact the world in a meaningful way. "The two most dangerous years of a person's life are the year they were born and the year they retire,” Taatjes and Sebesta in a joint statement. Taatjes has owned a financial services company for two decades. Sebesta is a former TV meteorologist who is now Director of Business Development for Taatjes Financial Group.

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