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Here Are 2021’s Most Powerful People In Podcasting.

Despite a year like no other in recent memory, podcasting continues to thrive in 2021 as companies have adapted and taken new challenges and turned them into opportunities. It has also attracted big new players in the space as listener numbers have grown. Podcasting’s ongoing metamorphosis has brought a number of new faces and corporate names to this year’s list of movers, shakers, visionaries and innovators.

Podcast News Daily and Inside Radio have compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Powerful People in Podcasting. From indie creators who have seen their influence soar as they put a bigger stamp on what people hear, to executives who work for some of the biggest corporations in America, the 2021 lineup also reflects the industry’s growing diversity.

To compile the tally, we invited readers to nominate executives they believe warrant time in the spotlight for their work advancing the podcast industry. Our editorial board made the final selections.

This year we once again received hundreds of nominations. So in addition to the Top 10 list of heavy hitters, we have also compiled a tally of Podcast Power Players. These are the podcast executives that are helping guide podcasting into one of the fastest-growing mediums around the globe.

Read the 2021 Most Powerful People In Podcasting HERE.

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