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GetUpside And Swiffer Climb To Their Highest Positions Among Radio Advertisers.

Upside Services, a digital platform that personalizes brick-and-mortar commerce, began to make radio part of its media mix last November. Now it has scaled to its highest chart position yet among the top 100 weekly advertisers at radio based on spot count. For the week of Oct 18-24, the GetUpside brand lands at No. 4 on the tally with 40,719 spot airings. It trails only the irrepressible DuckDuckGo online privacy service and Indeed employment service among the week’s top paid advertisers, according to Media Monitors which tracks national advertising in 110 markets.

Meanwhile, Procter & Gamble’s Swiffer line of cleaning and household products moves into its highest position ever with 33,311 spot occurrences to rank No. 6. That marks only the second time Swiffer has placed in radio’s top 10 with the last occasion occurring the week of July 19-25 when it ranked ninth with 30,319 spot detections. Swiffer has become P&G’s top entry on the radio spot tally. It’s one of 14 P&G brands that dot the latest chart. Among them are Dawn at No. 21, Vicks at No. 24, Microban at No. 41, ZzzQuil at No. 42, Mr. Clean at No. 43, Crest at No. 48, Olay at No. 59, Tide at No. 63, Oral-B at No. 69, Cascade at No. 83, newcomer Nervine at No. 98 and Gain at No. 99.

Also notable this week is the return of online retailer to the chart at No. 16 with 24,964 occurrences. That’s on top of 21,194 for Recruitment at No. 27. While the recruitment service has been a radio regular, it’s been some time since the online retailer placed this high on the list.

For the week of Oct 18-24, 2021 the top 10 on the Media Monitors compilation are iHeartRadio at 1, Indeed at 2, DuckDuckGo at 3, GetUpside at 4, State Farm at 5, Swiffer at 6, the “Crossing The Line With M.William Phelps” podcast at 7, United Healthcare at 8, the “13 Days of Halloween” podcast at 9 and McDonald’s at 10.

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