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FM Educational Station Numbers Continue to Rise.

The Federal Communications Commission has unveiled its latest figures on the nation’s broadcast station landscape.

As of June’s end, the U.S. boasted 4,413 licensed AM stations, a decrease of 50 stations from the previous year and 85 from two years prior.

Similarly, the count of FM commercial stations also dipped slightly to 6,620 by mid-2024, down by 55 in the past year and 69 over two years, reversing its previous growth trajectory.

Conversely, FM educational stations showed continued growth, totaling 4,356 as of June 2024, marking an increase of 120 from the previous June and 172 from two years earlier.

The category of FM translators and boosters held steady at 8,906 licenses, reflecting a decrease of 29 from a year ago and 45 from two years prior, although still significantly higher compared to a decade ago. The impact of the FCC’s recent decision to allow geotargeting on FM stations remains to be seen in this segment.

Meanwhile, licensed low-power FM stations numbered 1,965 at mid-year, down 24 from the previous year and 69 from two years prior, with expectations of growth following a recent application window for new CPs.

These figures are released quarterly by the FCC, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the evolving broadcast station landscape in the U.S.

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