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Ellie Schnitt Leaves Barstool And Launches Her Own Show.

AdLarge has picked up ad sales duties for the new podcast hosted by veteran podcaster and social media personality Ellie Schinitt. Her show is called Late Night Drive and it will feature health and wellness content; specifically focusing on mental health, love, and navigating adult life. Schnitt says her new show looks to provide “a comfortable space where my listeners can take a deep breath.”

Schnitt launches with a big social media following. With almost 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 552,000 on Twitter, Schnitt is the former host of the popular Barstool Sports podcast, Schnitt Talk. On that series she became one of the most well-known talents in the Barstool Sports universe and is now covering all things pop culture; from high school experiences to dating and relationships with her new podcast.

“Ellie’s ability to tell-it-like-it-is genuinely engages her audience and offers a unique perspective on adulting in 2022,” said Cathy Csukas, Co-CEO, and Co-Founder of AdLarge. “She has captured the attention of impassioned millennials nationwide and we’re delighted to share her powerful reach with our advertisers.”

Schnitt’s exit from Barstool Sports occurred in January but has been rumored for months with reports of her disputes with Barstool chief Dave Portnoy circulating online. “It is my podcast, it is something that I own, it is something that is 100% that is mine --every decision belongs to me,” she said in the first episode of her new show.

Schnitt said her new show will feature guests as well as calls from listeners.

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