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Edison: Music Listening On Weekend Days Outstrips Weekdays.

Despite the growing usage of spoken word audio, music listening still accounts for nearly three-quarters of daily audio time among Americans aged 13+ according to Edison Research’s Share of Ear. Much like the lifestyles of the people listening to it, music listening habits vary dramatically from weekdays to weekends.

On weekdays, music listening peaks in the 3pm-4p hour, a time when workers may be taking a break from a day of meetings. Parents may be enjoying some peace or starting after-school carpool chores.

But on weekends it’s a different story. As you might expect, listening gets a slower start but increases steadily through the morning, Edison says. Music listening peaks in the 10-11am hour on weekends.

Share of Ear shows Americans listen to the most music in the 10am hour on the weekends. The second peak is in the 2-3pm hour, when 14 minutes of music audio is consumed.

When Edison lines up its weekday and weekend listening graphs, it shows that once the hourly weekend listening surpasses weekday levels, it stays that way until well into the evening. The conclusion from Edison: From 9am to 11pm, music listening on weekend days outstrips music listening on weekdays.

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