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Double Elvis Teams With iHeart For Music-Focused Travel Series.

Travel is one of this summer’s hot business segments and a new series from iHeartMedia and Double Elvis will serve as a sort of musical travelogue. Sound Of Our Town is a scripted, narrative style audio series that explores ten different U.S. cities with an in-depth look at each town’s individual culture of music. The creators say it is a “mix of inspiration and utility for music-loving travelers” which combines storytelling and city-specific recommendations with flair from local music, resulting in a mix of inspiration and practicality for listeners.

In each episode, host and independent recording artist Will Dailey will dig into each city’s best live music venues, tell the tales of local musicians, detail the neighborhoods and communities where new sound styles thrive and more. Sound Of Our Town’s premiere episode will take listeners through Portland, Maine, while other episodes will delve into local music from Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Phoenix, Houston, Philadelphia, and Asbury Park, NJ.

“Live music is a fundamental building block of my identity,” said Dailey, a Boston-based songwriter and performer. “From the virtuoso to the punk rocker, live music is there to remind people that being yourself onstage can directly contribute to the culture around you. The melodies we make in the cities we live in help define not only who we are, but who our cities are.”

Sound Of Our Town premieres on July 21, with new episodes dropping weekly on Thursdays. Sonos, the wireless home sound system company, will assist with the podcast’s production through sponsorship, backing personalized host reads and custom segments matching the audio series themes.

Double Elvis has earlier produced music-focused series such as Disgraceland, 27 Club, Dear Young Rocker, and Blood On The Tracks.

The company’s latest project, “Lust for Live”, consists of distinct podcasts, live audio and video, and voice-enabled micro content for different cities. “Lust for Live: Boston” launched in March 2022; Double Elvis plans to launch “Lust for Live” in Los Angeles this summer, followed by releases in additional major cultural hubs across the United States, over the next year and a half.

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