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December’s Winners And Losers: Top Five Stays The Same, Stuff You Should Know Gains.

The top five remained the same in Podtrac’s ranking of top podcasts for December with the New York Times-produced The Daily staying at the top among the publishers it measures. In fact the top five has remained unchanged for the past six months. The big mover in the top ten was iHeartRadio’s Stuff You Should Know, which jumped two to No. 7, trading places with Barstool Sports-produced Pardon My Take. Every other product in the top ten held onto their same position in December as they had during November.

The Daily hit three years at number one in October and in December five of Podtrac’s top 20 shows hailed from the News genre. The remainder of the top five remained the same with NPR’s hourly five-minute podcast NPR News Now at second place followed by the NPR-produced morning news podcast Up First and the Dateline NBC at No. 4. The Daily Wire’s conservative talk The Ben Shapiro Show rounded out the top five – all in the same position in December as they were in November, October, September, August and July.

The big mover of the month was NPR’s Fresh Air, which jumped four spots to No. 14. And after it was the top debuting show in November, Around the NFL advanced another three spots to No. 13. The series is a coproduction of iHeartRadio and the NFL.

On the flipside, Hidden Brain and WNYC Studio’s Radiolab had the biggest drops for the month among the top 20. Both shows slid four spots on the ranker. Dan Bongino, who spent part of October and November off of radio as part of his dispute with syndicator Westwood One and Cumulus Media over its requirement that employees get vaccinated, has not yet returned to the top ten. The Dan Bongino Show podcast dropped to No. 11 in November and that is where it remained in December.

The highest-ranking debut of the month was PodcastOne’s The Jordan Harbinger Show, which entered at No. 20. December was the second month that Podtrac is measuring PodcastOne shows.

Podtrac says global downloads for the top 20 publishers overall were up nine percent month-over-month during December. They were also up 19% with the download numbers from a year earlier.

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